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Comment Re:This doesn't prove anything (Score 1) 437

It'd be possible to do in a sensible manner. If half the class falls in the "statistical abnormality" category, and they have the same or similar abnormality, there are some pretty good conclusions you can draw. The same for someone who consistently shows the same abnormality across multiple tests.

The response might not be to fail someone immediately, either. It might be to watch them more closely on future tests, or to swap out the suspected compromised test at the last minute without anyone but the professor knowing it'll happen.

Comment Re:Apple gets a cut of subscriptions? (Score 1) 243

A credit card transaction isn't a flat rate, though - it's a fee plus a percentage of the transaction, in most cases. And, again, Apple's using the money they make to, among other things, provide and enhance the platform (hardware, software, and infrastructure) these magazines are taking advantage of. If magazines don't like the cut, they're by no means forced to put their content on the iPad/iPhone.

Comment Re:Apple gets a cut of subscriptions? (Score 1) 243

AT&T's handling the user side of delivery, for which I pay them. Apple's handling the server side of delivery, for which they pay their own bandwidth and server bills.

I suspect Apple will be handling the data. Magazines'll provide the content to be pushed out to Apple, but Apple'll do the delivery to devices.

Comment Re:Apple gets a cut of subscriptions? (Score 2) 243

Yes, they get a cut of subscription revenue. Apple is handling the platform, billing, and content delivery, so they get paid for doing what would be printing, billing, and postage in a paper subscription. It's using Apple's merchant account and bandwidth, so that seems fair.

The apps will probably be free or include a "free" month's subscription to offset the purchase price.

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