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Comment Re:the second dose is free (Score 1) 314

I'm not full of crap. The 50% was exceptional, I admit... but then, when was the last time you saw an Apple Computer on sale, like anywhere? On Dells 20% is routine. A few things: you have to actively follow their offers, and be willing to take what you get. You eyed that Latitude, but a Vostro is on sale? Too bad, take what you can get.

Got myself a nice little rackmount for 1000€ (incl VAT, since it's business stuff you never get the prices with VAT). Trick was, again, a coupon, base machine was already reduced, another free shipping code and finally the fact that the 2TB HDDs were at the price of 1TB disks (another "action"). I had trouble making the order, so I contacted them by phone. None of the sales would give me those reductions. Second time online, it worked.

I do not know why they do this. It doesn't make sense, but damn, they do it and if you just happen to need anything, you get your stuff with such reductions. If you fancy new gear, you just wait until reductions come around the corner.

I'm pretty brand-agnostic. Typing this on a an Acer Ultrabook (also on sale, obviously!). I've got a mix of Apple, Dell, Acer, Zotac (barebones), Foxconn (barebones) and diverse self-builds around the house. I've had Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu-Siemens and Asus laptops, as wel as IBM, HP, Fujitsu-Siemense desktops and I'm surely missing some.

A final word on Dell. I've found their XPS line have a very nice build quality. (When I got the 50% sale, I bought three identical machines, for me, my sister and my brother) The other consumer lines are fine, but it's mostly plastic. At work, we use Latitudes, and those really are damn well built machines. They're definitely not sexy like whatever Apple has, but they're well built, reliable and the support is excellent.

I really don't mind Apple. They have nice gear. I even recommend Apple to all my acquaintances that refuse to learn about computers. That way I have them out of the shooting line, and they usually don't ever need me again. The problem are those who would need an Apple, but can't afford it. Take the Acer Aspire S3 I'm typing this on. It is made from metal. The type says it's a MS2346. I got it on sale for 649€ at a local supermarket. You can get it cheaper elsewhere, but due to keyboard layout reasons, I prefer to buy locally unless the sale really is too good to be true. I will not say it is as good as a MacBook Air, it most likely is not. It is however, a fancy little machine, that runs Ubuntu just fine and is 380euro; cheaper than the cheapset MacBook Air I can get. That's the kind of machines, many people need because of the price constraints.

Basically, yes, I'm a computer bargain hunter. Sadly, there never are bargains with Apple. We have a 27" iMac for my wife, and we didn't spare any expenses for that one. No sales, no coupons. Why? Because it's for my wife and now she doesn't need me to hold her hands while she uses her computer. It works, but damn, it better works until until at least 2021.

Comment Re:Yup, and it doesn't matter. (Score 1) 722

But he IS talking about those extremely wealthy bunch. Most of them have someone drive/fly them around.

However he forgets that the sons/grandsons of these very rich often do drive their own cars (but they're certainly not regular cars ;) ) and prefer not to be driven. These sons/grandsons are as similarly unconstrained.

Comment Re:At what speed? (Score 3, Informative) 722

If you lane change rapidly so that you can go fast it may cause other drivers to brake suddenly. That can create a "traffic wave jam" that persists till the rush hour is over or till the "traffic wave" moves to a light/empty traffic are before then.


That said you don't have to speed to cause other drivers to brake suddenly.

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Journal Journal: Busy

Been super busy - so it's not that I mean to ignore you...

Comment Re:Hangings (Score 1) 1160

I think a more painless is to use high explosives around the target's head.

You can prove scientifically that the target will not feel pain after the explosive is detonated because it is impossible for the pain impulses to travel faster than the explosion shockwave. Thus the brain would be completely gone before any pain signals arrive.

There will still be mental pain while waiting for the "trigger", but it should be about the same with other execution methods, and given that my proposed method can be scientifically proven to be painless, their mental pain could even be less. In contrast the other common methods or proposed methods are not provably painless and/or may still cause some discomfort for more than a few seconds (suffocation while not that painful is still not that pleasant).

The USA certainly has lots of explosives. There's plenty of technology to contain explosions safely. You could even use it as an opportunity to test some experimental "explosion containment" tech within proven containment devices/structures.

Comment Re:the second dose is free (Score 1) 314

Funny... I have a Dell XPS 15 (L502x). Core i7-2630QM, 4GB RAM - upgraded now to 16GB for cheap, 500GB disk, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M, FullHD screen and even a 3G/HSDPA. Bought it in june 2011. Why? I got a 50% discount coupon. I'm always on the lookout for sales.

With Dell, you better not pay full price ever. Keep an eye on discounts, coupons, etc. If you don't get at least a 20% discount, you're getting ripped off. You only pay full price, if you absolutely have to have what you want right now, and let's be honest: most of us can keep running on our older gear for just a bit longer.

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