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Comment Re:C64 DTV designer (Score 1) 224

I sort of doubt her social skills are that bad considering she used to own a hardware retail chain which initially started with only one shop.

Not sure what one has to do with the other. Social skills can be helpful in a retail environment, but they aren't mandatory. In addition, she can trade the novelty of being a female of average of appearance for a dearth of social skills.

Comment Slanderous (Score 1) 976

I see a slander suit in his future. Someone puts me on a list of "dangerous guns or owners" and I'll sue. Neither my gun nor I are any more dangerous than any other object or person.
In fact, you are infinitely more likely to be run over by a dangerous car or driver while you geotag my residence.

A will be sued for the data about who made the geotag and he will be sued as a co-conspiritor to spread slander. This app has a very short life. All simply due to the wording chosen to describe the functionality.

Comment Re:Expect more of this. (Score 1) 608

That person who tries to get their friends to adopt Linux and sees their hopes and dreams dashed when they go buy a cheap Windows PC.

Interesting. Perhaps they aren't quite using their position right. It is very simple: you want my help? You'd better be very close family, for whom I'd run Windows on a dead badger... If you're not, you have three choices:

  • You buy a Mac, and I'll help you. Of course only after you have tried yourself, after all the first thing you'll hear for me is: "Mac is for people who don't want to learn about computers. Try it yourself, it will most likely do exactly as you think."
  • The second option is that you get Linux (Hey, you even may choose the distro if you're inclined to do so, but why are you asking me then?) and you get support. No questions asked. Printer doesn't work because you didn't insert the paper deep enough. (This actualy happened) Fine, no problem.
  • Finally, you get Windows. Pre-installed OEM or if I feel magnanimous, I'll even build you a machine and install it. However, from that point on: you are on your own. I will not help, I will not reinstall, I will not clean viruses. You find another idiot for that. I do not have time for that crap.

Some do see value in my help, and chose option one or two. That's how you convert people. In that sense Richard Stallman was right: "You sell on support". My support is free, but at least I don't have to deal with our friends from Richmond.

Comment Re:Secure Boot ISN'T! (Score 1) 135

Yeah. More and more stuff is software nowadays. So much so that nowadays, Software is stuff you configure. Hardware is stuff other people configure ;).

To nongeeks a lot of PC stuff is hardware. To us less so. To some elite hacker most of it is software.

CPUs can be patched after release ( ). Same goes for drives and even some mice.

Comment Re:what?? (Score 2) 608

Proven revenue stream for Microsoft has been:
1) Get computer makers to include windows preinstalled.
2) Encourage enterprises to buy Microsoft Office, Exchange and Windows Server.

The "proven" android style stuff is not going to sit well with many large organizations. And in fact may negatively affect their proven revenue stream.

If Microsoft starts requiring enterprise desktop users to have a Microsoft account they're going to get a lot of resistance. Especially with the NSA debacle.

Comment Re:the usual nonsense (Score 1) 541

It isn't the "progressives" that mandated e-verify, that was all conservatives trying to keep the brown people from working and voting.
And if the progressives had their way and there with universal health care (instead of the republican RomneyCare plan) then the hiring and firing employees would be that much simpler; a whole category of paperwork and costs... gone.

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