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Comment Re:Wrong. Flawed analogy (Score 1) 669

I fully admit I'm a dumb idiot who sits on the couch watching football. It happens after you get married. When I was single there was a ton of stuff I used to do that I no longer do, such as cook. My wife likes to do it, I like eating, so win-win. That said, when she goes out of town, I'm so unaccustomed to cooking that I often don't, or will order out for the entirety of her trip. Why? I have no idea, but I do. Back in the day I actually *liked* cooking.

It works the other way too, every night I find my wife's keys, where ever it is that she puts them, and put them on the hook by the door they're supposed to go on. When I'm out of town, she gets to spend 30ish minutes every morning looking for her keys

I actually think a Dell commercial highlighting that they have a copious amount of nerds and that I'm too dumb to spec out a machine would, if presented correctly, be really, really funny. Hey, it works for Apple!


Comment Counterfeit Cisco Gear Perhaps? (Score 3, Informative) 330

You may remember that /. ran the following several stories:
Feds Seize $78M of Bogus Chinese Cisco Gear
FBI Says Military Had Counterfeit Cisco Routers

Lets see, extra chips on a piece of equipment that handles all the network traffic, which would include NFS and a variety of other plain text protocols (why would someone use encryption on a "secure" network). Add to that a sprinkling of Teredo

And looks to me like it's very likely that someone could steal whatever they wanted.

Good thing all our corporate suppliers are bound by contracts that would totally be enforced by this foreign government who's providing the bogus equipment. Didn't think about that, did you, stupid corporate outsourcing asshat.


Comment Build it Yourself (Score 1) 236

So if you're willing to forgo support options, I'd build a server yourself from components. You'll be able to get the mix of horse power you want and power consumption that it seems you need. fuzzyfuzzyfungus suggested using a desktop given your modest specs, I'd concur with this, but the cases used by large PC vendors don't really lend themselves for operating in a really harsh environment. I'd start with a case like this:


While the window is flashy, it's got a ton of fans, and good airflow, so while there will be dust and whatnot, you shouldn't see a lot of cake up, plus with the window, you can see when it needs any cleaning.

Depending on the size of your UPS, you can put the whole kit and kaboodle into a rolling rack:

Or you could go with the google approach, instead of buying a case, just slap down a piece of corkboard on a shelf in the rack and place your components. You'll have to do a bit of jerry rigging with fans if you go that route, but it would save you $100. With a can of compressed air, you can keep it as clean as you need.


Comment Cringley talked about M$ profits on his podcast (Score 1) 315

This is a little OT, but Cringley has a blog post/podcast entitled "Bob the Impaler" where he discusses Microsoft's profitability, and how they've developed a structure of hiding profit to fly low on the radar of the Federal Trade Commission. I have a feeling that these unprofitable up/down grades are somewhere in that fat...

Cringely's home page it's about 2/3 down the page.


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