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Comment Re:Why is it weird? (Score 1) 599

I saw it in IMAX 3D @48fps yesterday evening. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and the 48fps didn't bother me much after the first few minutes. It made 3D seem much better, I think.

My only problem was what it did to the light in the movie. Although in soft light areas, it seemed a lot more realistic, in brighter areas (like the sun on the landscape or the braziers in Goblin Town for example), the light seem too harsh. Especially since I was expecting a digitally graded movie like LotR was to offer perfect coloring. It also made a few special effects seem a bit fake.

The first is probably an editing and a filming issue. With better lenses, filters, and adjustments to lighting conditions it will help, and with better adjustments of the color values in editing it can be fixed. The second will get better as digital technology improves.

I'm going to go see it @24fps this weekend if I can to compare.

Comment Re:So explain the Costco story then? (Score 1) 491

I am a Costco member and haven't put a foot in a Walmart in years. Their respective corporate practices have been an important factor in those choices. If only more people did the same.

One of the major problems of capitalism is how it assumes people will act reasonably in their self-interest, but a lot of consumers are misled as to where their own interests actually lie.

Comment Re:Here's hoping... (Score 5, Informative) 305

They're killing characters and npcs, not deleting them. Death is only a short-lived inconvenience in wow.

Killing npcs is more annoying actually since some can take a while to respawn.

The issue appears to be a combination of a teleport/wall-hack and the ability to kill any creature, npc or character with a single hit which obviously trivializes the whole game and enables griefing on this kind of epic scale. The hack was apparently found a couple weeks ago but only fixed today with a server restart.

Comment Too far (Score 1) 1199

I hate tobacco smoking with a passion. But this is going too far, and it 's wrong. I have absolutely no problem with forbidding employees from smoking while on work hours, or on work premises. Employees who take constant pauses to go and smoke lower productivity, pollute the area around work areas, and smell bad which can annoy customers.

Forbidding smoking in all work areas, even in all interior public areas is a very good thing, and most countries have by now enacted such ordinances.

But what people smoke, snort, or eat outside of their work time, as long as it does not affect their ability to conduct their work, is none of an emplloyer's business.

Comment Re:As the saying goes... (Score 5, Interesting) 113

I find it intriguing that you listed furries (weird) along with flat-earthers (factually wrong). I don't care how you dress when you have sex. I do care if you are unable to accept clearly proven scientific facts.

I never understood why anyone in the US gave a fuck what Clinton did in his office with an intern. But when Bush came out and said god told him to go to war barely anyone batted an eyebrow.

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