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Comment Untrust Diginotar (Score 1) 78

At this point, everyone should remove the trust for the Diginotar Root CA. I guess most people know how to do this around here, but just for informative purposes:

First, visit their web site to ensure their root certificate is in your certificate store:

On Mac OS X go to Applications, Utilities, open Keychain Access. Click on System Roots, then find the "Diginotar Root CA". Select it then do CMD-I. Open the Trust Panel and choose "When using this Certificate Never Trust" instead of System Defaults. Close the window, enter an admin password and close Keychain Access.

On Windows it's a bit more complex (no, really?). Start, Run, mmc.exe, OK. Confirm UAC if under Windows 7 with admin password if required. If you're under Windows XP, relog to an administrator account first. Then go to File, Add/Remove Snap-in, find the Certificates snap-in, click on it, then add. Select the Computer Account and local computer. Then open Trusted Root Certification Authorities, Certificates, find the "DigiNotar Root CA", right-click on it, properties and choose "Disable all purposes for this certificate".

Make sure you don't delete the certificate, as it would just get re-approved.

Comment No direct damage from Anonymous (Score 1) 369

What is the most interesting to me, is how there was no direct damage done by Anonymous. They hacked into the servers, grabbed information, and published it. They did deface a web site to prove they'd been in, but that was minimal and easily fixed. They didn't destroy equipment or attack his family.

What they did was get in, grab the information, and publish it. Then they let the information stand on its own as to what it reveals about HBGary. This is the transparency corporations and governments should offer and which Wikileaks has been trying to offer. I really like where this is going.

Comment Re:Silly question (Score 1) 520

There are a few things wrong with your idea, but the first is that the mass of your apparatus would change the results of the measurement :-)

The way to measure such basic things is to stay as simple as possible, using basic constituents as much as possible, and involving as few variables as possible, and making sure the experiment is repeatable.

Your centrifuge would be too complex and in many ways random each time it is built from a lot of different materials.

Comment Re:Metric System (Score 1) 520

You're american aren't you? I know because everyone else uses the SI system. No sane non-american would suggest going back to your medieval system.

Human-based systems cannot be standardized. The SI system is decently so, and getting better all the time. The point is to create measurements which can be repeated and measured by anyone, anywhere. It's been done with the second and the meter, now they're trying to do it with the kg. We are getting more accurate, but it's not simple or easy.

Science is hard.

Your drivel isn't.

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