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Comment Re:Shocked. (Score 2) 851

This. We need to stop calling them smartphones. It's a pocket computer. And I got one because I wanted one, not because I needed one.

Hell, I don't really need my home computer, either. But I want it, so I have it.

Comment Re:CEO Still There!?! (Score 1) 99

Xerox PARC hasn't existed for a long time. PARC was sold off. It is not affiliated with Xerox and lacks most of what made Xerox PARC cool in the first place.

PARC is now an independent entity, which is not the same as being sold off. It now researches on behalf of other entities besides Xerox, but Xerox remains its largest customer.

Comment Re:He wrote it to share files... (Score 1) 365

The fact that people ignore copyright laws and share copyrighted videos over P2P systems has nothing to do with P2P, and everything to do with the general public's attitudes about copyrights.

Bingo. Remove P2P from the equation, and people will share copyright videos using other means (just like they did before P2P).

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Informative) 68

Why not just encrypt the database files on HDD and memory directly? That way database can still act really fast and you can use any existing database software.

A few key phrases from TFA: "...a trick that keeps the info safe from hackers, accidental loss and even snooping administrators ... a useful trick if you need to perform operations on health care or financial data in a situation like cloud computing, where the computer (or the IT administrator) doing the calculations can’t always be trusted to access the private numbers being crunched".

Comment Re:More racing to the bottom I see (Score 1) 445

Kind of reminds me of a couple of times as I'm being hired on, being asked by the H.R. personnel "So, how much did you make at your last position? We need to know so your pay can stay aligned, and remain comfortable with your payscale."

The correct answer is "not enough, which is why I'm here."

Comment Re:"from user's machines" (Score 3, Interesting) 307

Well, you're going to have a problem in the future, because Oracle is replacing Sun's Java with OpenJDK. It's going to be the "real" java from now on. The summary, like usual, left this important fact out.

Almost right, but not quite. As I understand it, Sun's (now Oracle's) JDK will still exist, but it will no longer be the Reference Implementation. OpenJDK will become the Reference Implementation.

This does, of course, mean that OpenJDK will be the "real" Java, and that there should (in theory) be no differences between Oracle JDK and OpenJDK— and if there are differences, then it's Oracle JDK that's wrong. But Oracle's JDK will still exist.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 383

I recently received an invitation in the mail to an invite-only party/sale at the Hyundai dealership where I bought my car. On the invitation it described a deal they're having on that day: "Buy a new Hyundai, get another Hyundai free". Next to this was a tiny asterisk, and at the bottom in smaller type it explained: "Receive a free Hyundai product with the purchase of any new Hyundai car". So, in other words, "we'll throw in a baseball cap or a t-shirt if you buy a car".

Comment Re:I want this for my car (Score 1) 200

Can I get this for my license plates?


Probably many others too. I have no idea the legality of these, but I've seen a few of them in the wild. I don't personally use or endorse any of them.

Comment Re:I would think (Score 2) 147

What's particularly interesting is that it's not just the act of moving into a new (and unknown) room, but the act of moving into a different room than the one you were just in, even if that other room is one with which you're already familiar. In other words, it's not the newness, but the shift.

Comment Re:Different conclusion. (Score 1) 147

Hundreds of processes happen, going from one room to another. Identifying the door is a good start (walls are so unyielding) looking for the knob, using hand-eye coordination to put hand on doorknob, turn, sense door opens or does not, pulling, pushing, how far is door open, don't hit it going through...

In the experiment, the doors were opened for the subject. Additional doors that were not part of their planned path were kept closed, so they hardly had to think about where to go next, just follow the automatically opening doors. Also, the first part of the experiment was conducted entirely using a first-person video game, so the only actions required by the subject were most likely holding down the "W" key while moving the mouse left and right.

Comment Re:Still readying the artical but... (Score 4, Informative) 472

Support their needs by allowing them to not work as many hours and be available as much? Sure, but they will get paid less, which is also another equality complaint of women. Expecting women surgeons to get paid the same, have the same employment success, but not work as much is completely unfair.

And entirely a strawman. The wage disparity exists between men and women doing the same work, and that is where the complaint exists.

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