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Comment Re:And next.. (Score 1) 308

Yeah, because nobody would be able to tell that the trivial amounts of small copyright usage were inconsequential, nor would a judge decide somebody is acting in contempt of court if you managed to even do this.

Because you know, judges aren't stupid or tolerant of asses.

It must just be a US thing then...

Comment Re:0 for 275? (Score 1) 119

The only reason lawyers get to bullshit Jose the Gardener in the first place is because Rosie the Rocket Scientist got expelled during voir dire.

Are you sure or is it cause Rosie the Rocket Scientist is smart enough to know how to get out of jury duty?

Comment Re:I've absolutely done this. (Score 1) 160

I just look at the person bothering me on public transpo and say "that's very interesting now i have a question for you have you accepted our lord and savior jesus Christ?" usually will get the to shut up and if by chance they are religious i progress follow up with "I'm just fucking with ya buddy i don't believe that hokus pokus I actually have a brain"

But hey we all handle things differntly

Comment Ummm?? (Score 0) 283

LGPL Hamster Free eBook Converter made by HamsterSoft and based on Calibre-engine created by Kovid Goyal and inherits all GNU GPL 3.0 restrictions. NOTE PLEASE: Everybody may use Hamster Free eBook Converter on any computer at home, in business and government organizations without any restrictions and any amount of hosts. You don't need to register or pay for Hamster Free eBook Converter. No one needs to pay for any further updates and plugins. Source code thats the source got that from:

Comment Re:Bing vs. Google (Score 1) 385

Ive ran into this several times. I often have friends and family IMing me to find them what they failed to find in searches (they also use google.) Ive even had many tech savvy friends ask me to find shit for them it can be annoying but usually its only a very short inconvenience since i usually find it right away.

Comment Re:What about phones? (Score 1) 557

My iphone 3gs takes about 2-5 minutes to boot up. I would time it but my lock/power button is broken and apple refuses to fix it even though there is no damage to the phone (note this is the 3rd one ive had) the 1st one worked like a champ for a year i droped the bugger from 10ft in the air and it still worked. It finally met its doom when it fell out of my front shirt pocket into a leachate tank. The 2nd one i got worked fine for about a month till it fell the height of one step. Yes one step so 6" max the home button stopped working and any iphone user knows with out that button its useless. This one i have no idea how it broke its never been dropped or mishandled its just stayed in my pocket. Only thing i can think is while working in the 105F weather with 85-90% humidity that it may have gotten wet. Cause now it randomly tells me the accessory i have attached (with nothing attached) is not compatible and the lock/power button doesnt work. I didnt even mention the fact it claims non compatible accessory issue and the apple employe didnt even look to see for water damage he just said sir we already gave you the free replacement last time. You need to dish out $$$$ if you want this issue fixed. Needless to say i hope my battery never dies.

Dont even get me started on application load times either if i go from my contact lists to my txt messaging it takes a good 10 seconds to switch apps. I was told this was because i restored my phone when i got a new one. I dont see how this should be an issue but it seems to be one but that's a whole different bag of beans.

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