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Comment Re:AppleCare (Score 1) 218

It is in fact slightly different than what was reported.

Three of Apple's registered companies in Italy have been fined not just for misleading customers about their two year state-mandated warranty terms, but for hampering access to warranty services after the one year mark.

Official press release (in Italian)

Comment It's actually a good idea (Score 2) 154

Think of how most developers are using Javascript nowadays: it's a target language for their compilers.

Whether the source was Java (GWT compiler) or Javascript itself (YUI compressor, Google closure compiler) the fact remains that what browsers are given to run is not what the developers wrote. Which is standard practice in the software business (it's called compilation) and for good reasons.

Now, JS makes for a poor machine language. So we could either beat around the bush with an intermediate bytecode language (Java went there, and Python and all the others too, with varying results) or go for the real thing and come up with a good x86 sandboxing and code verification standard.

Remember, x86 is currently in use by 99% of desktop machines. When other architectures will gain momentum, websites will just offer two or more compiled versions of their code. In the mean time, they will just have to emulate or translate the x86 instruction set, a task for which a large open source code base has already been developed, and which would still be more efficient than parsing plain Javascript, by several orders of magnitude.

So what's the problem with that, again?

Comment Re:Summary is a little misleading (Score 3, Informative) 845


This is the 10th grade math course.

I can see how a successful person from one or two generations ago could fail 100% of it.

And I don't think such material should be requirement for everybody. People with other skill sets (social, artistic, etc.) should be recognized and valued too. The world needs musicians and clothes designers and yes, managers and salesmen, as much as we need good scientists and engineers.

Comment Re:Scam??? (Score 1) 353

<quote><p>Also, the just-in-time inventory fad where nobody actually stocks anything any more</p></quote>
I wouldn't call it a fad. With the current rate of technological advancement, where last-month products have already been made obsolete by some newer / better tech, I would call it sensible management.

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