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Comment Fear of finance without Wall Street (Score 4, Interesting) 55

When lower Manhattan flooded last winter, the systems behind the exchanges were just fine. None of them are actually in Manhattan. (The big NASDAQ billboard at Times Square is just advertising. There is no NASDAQ facility at that location.) NASDAQ doesn't even have a trading floor. NYSE/Euronext was prepared to shift trading control to Chicago, where they also own Arca, another exchange.

The Wall Street firms panicked at the plan for trading going on without them. They demanded that the exchanges be shut down until the firms could get back up. That was done.

Comment Re:Not really HTML5 (Score 1) 337

Agree... not a huge fan of netflix, but despite occasional problems ("buffering" messages and artifacts), 99% of the time it's a good quality image on our 42 inch TV (played from a PS3). We also watch on tablets and smaller TVs with few problems.

The problem with netflix is indeed the content, not the streaming, IMO. It's worth the monthly charge only because there's four of us who can use it on our tablets, and they do get decent new stuff occasionally... Just saw Para-Norman and it was quite good.

Comment Re:Android still needs better games. (Score 1) 74

Nintendo sold 118m Gameboy handhelds. The DS has sold 157m worldwide. Android dwarfs both of those numbers.

I doubt all Android owners are all gamers or that they all have a device worth playing on. Still, nothing changes the fact this is a neglected, potentially huge market for quality gaming. The big names in game development are staying away in droves.

Comment Stopping losers, not real terrorists (Score 3, Insightful) 233

So basically you've admitted to spying on innocent people for years, in who-knows-how-big of a trolling operation, and you finally caught two small fish who so far have done nothing more than "shown an interest" in something that might count as illegal?

Right. Most FBI-reported "terrorist plots" are like that, especially the ones that involve informers. They get a report of some loser mouthing off about blowing up something, and they investigate. They get some informer close to the jerk and encourage the wannabe to push their plan forward, often providing resources to help. Then they arrest the loser and announce they've foiled a "terrorist plot".

The most notable example of this kind of FBI activity was the "terrorist plot to blow up the Sears Tower" in 2006. Even the FBI Director said it was "more aspirational than operational".

When Al-Queda set up the 9/11 attacks, they had good operational security. Nobody talked in public about the plan, and many of the participants didn't know the details until hours before takeoff. What the FBI is doing wouldn't stop a real terrorist organization.

Comment Re:No Wii Remote on Android 4.2 (Score 1) 74

You're right that I'm still running 4.1.1, I wan't aware the Wiimote app had stopped working. To be honest, it's not a big picture solution to the problem.

Ultimately for gaming to expand on Android players need to know when they buy a game
1) It will work on their device.
2) The controls will be more that a hodge-podge of shakes and swipe actions. It's time for bluetooth joystick support to become standard. When you buy computer hardware it usually has stickers "Compatable with..." and then all the flavors of Windows and OSX. There should be an Android sticker there too.
3) I've paid 5 dollars for games on my tablet (one of those - Asphalt 7 - has never worked on any device I've owned. Gameloft sucks.) I don't mind paying for a decent game as long as it's not buggy. Low price points are an idea created by the app store mindset. We all know real games are going to cost more. If there were a good port of an Arkham title I'd buy it without hesitation.

Google needs to step up here.

Comment Re:Waay too easy. (Score 1) 162

No. This is Linux. Often the command line is easier than the disaster which is most gui-ish implementations, OR the gui-ish implementation is so dumbed down that the result breaks and you need to drop in the command line anyway.

But... it's not. The GUIs for this work quite well. You can keep trying to prop this strawman up, but he's still made of straw.

Comment Android still needs better games. (Score 4, Interesting) 74

According to wikipedia there are over 900 million Android mobile devices in the world. That's a lot of potential gamers who want to play something better than Fruit Ninja. At this point EA ports some of their stuff and then there's Gameloft - everything they publish would be laughed off another platform.

I have a Tegra 3 based device - an Asus Transformer - and Need for Speed is the only game I play that doesn't piss me off.

"...but there's no buttons or joystick and so controls suck" Bullshit. I've paired a Wii classic controller through bluetooth and used it to play old MAME arcade stuff. There's countless bluetooth joysticks in the world. Game publishers could code the option to use them (and tell gamers it's heavily recomended) and then start writing some decent games.

Comment Re:two words (Score 1) 205

Here's one: Google To Start Punishing Pirate Sites In Search Results

There's more if you care to look.

Given the fact that pirate sites are often full of malware, that just seems like protecting the users. Plus the average user isn't going to have any idea what do to with a torrent link.

You assert that there are more "if I care to look". I looked, didn't find anything. Do you actually have any other examples, or is this a case of listing the only thing you know of that's remotely relevant and then breezily implying there's a lot more and the only reason I can't find it is because I'm stupid or lazy?

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