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Comment Ehh, really? (Score 1) 769

How is this article even possible? Ofcourse you use google instead of man pages.

Lets say I install a new distro, I want to set up a firewall, routing/nat/forwarding (or whatever you kids call it these days), install my specific hardware and get a weird graphic card working properly in X.

What man page do I read? The manpage for "firewall", "internet connection sharing", "xconfigurator"? Nope. I google.

Seriously, man-pages are all good and perky for the nittygritty, but finding a complete solution for the most common tasks are NOT a option. And besides, how do I "man iptables" if the package isnt even installed.

Any new user to Linux would be completely and utterly stunned by the information contained with the iptables package. I cant even make any sense out of it except for the most basic commands after 10 years (not working as a administrator, praise the lord, though).

Comment Re:If DHT and PEX are (Score 2, Insightful) 327

Because you cannot authenticate a user to the tracker. It makes ratios and private sites much harder to operate. DHT is more like gnutella in that sense, if you share it everyone can access it without having a good trackratio of seeding.

However, the private sites will just continue to run their own trackers I suppose, there's no problem for them todo that, however for the public large ones this could very well be the holy grail.

TPBs core problem is that they are more or less being punished for "helping" people make copyright infrigments. I dont think their charges will go away over this during the current political climate in sweden (more privacy laws, more company friendly politicans and less civil liberty). It is their intent that is the problem, and that intent is just as much now as before to help people infrige on copyright.

However I wonder just how the swedish juridicial system are going to prove that the people currently being prosecuted really are the ones behind The Pirate bay since they seem to have moved all systems and IP assets overseas. I guess we'll just stick them in jail for being pains in the ass and go back to being good pawns in the much larger conspiracy to turn the entire EU area into a padded and walled commercial zone where money rules all aspects of life.

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