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Comment Re:This should be a lesson... (Score 1) 780

Smart move; I applaud your initiative.

As for your boss, maybe he'd been telling QA for a while to quit using it. I'd imagine his anger was due to the fact that he was savoring that "see, I told you so" moment. Piss poor management, to be sure, but then again most of Them are. :)

Regardless, I would've done the same thing as you.

Comment Re:You're looking at it backwards... (Score 3, Insightful) 219

They weren't testing the operating systems, they were testing the cadets.

Agreed 100%. While supposedly the country's best & brightest, Cadets truly aren't more than horny 21 year-olds (I was a cadet... trust me I know! ;).

Yes, the NSA could've SMASHED them in minutes. But the bigger concept here is to get the cadets to wrap their brains around the idea of a Pearl Harbor on the US' IT infrastructure & how to protect against it.

Assuming this exercise started this year (it didn't... just saying), we'll start to benefit in ~5 yrs, as these horn-dogs assume senior roles.

Comment Re:Linux (Score 3, Interesting) 219

As a CGA cadet back in the day, I would've LOVED to have done this. Alas, this was in the early 90's before this competition became reality.

Alas, the Coast Guard has since completely eliminated the academy's CS major altogether (instead replacing it with some bullshit Op Analysis degree). Talk about being told your services aren't wanted anymore!

But screw 'em and their horrible decision; I make more than an admiral now, anyway.


Would You Pay For YouTube Videos? 475

secmartin writes "A couple of weeks ago, Google's CEO mentioned to investors that they might start charging YouTube's users for viewing content: 'With respect to how it will get monetized, our first priority, as you pointed out, is on the advertising side. We do expect over time to see micro payments and other forms of subscription models coming as well. But our initial focus is on advertising. We will be announcing additional things in that area literally very, very soon.' With the recent Disney-Hulu deal, Google is under increasing pressure to generate more revenue and at the same time attract more premium content. That means we might see payment options coming even sooner than expected, with control over the pricing models being handed over to the studios providing that content, like the way Apple caved in over variable pricing on iTunes. This raises an important question: would you actually pay for premium content on YouTube and other sites, or will this draw viewers away to other video sites?"

Small Nuclear Power Plants To Dot the Arctic Circle 255

Vincent West writes with news of a Russian project currently underway to populate the Arctic Circle with 70-megawatt, floating nuclear power plants. Russia has been planning these nuclear plants for quite some time, with construction beginning on the prototype in 2007. It's due to be finished next year, and an agreement was reached in February to build four more. According to the Guardian: "The 70-megawatt plants, each of which would consist of two reactors on board giant steel platforms, would provide power to Gazprom, the oil firm which is also Russia's biggest company. It would allow Gazprom to power drills needed to exploit some of the remotest oil and gas fields in the world in the Barents and Kara seas. The self-propelled vessels would store their own waste and fuel and would need to be serviced only once every 12 to 14 years."
Media (Apple)

Apple Rejects Nine Inch Nails iPhone App 397

jarrettwold2002 writes "Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails announced via his Twitter account today, 'Apple rejects the NIN iPhone update because it contains objectionable content. The objectionable content referenced is "The Downward Spiral."' The initial NIN Access iPhone app garnered much fanfare (Wired article, Guardian article) and was approved by Apple. The update has been rejected due to an album reference. If Nine Inch Nails is having problems with censorship and approval what kind of problems are you having with the iPhone app approval process?"
Hardware Hacking

Options For a Laptop With a Broken Screen? 544

DefenseSupportParty writes "I recently traveled via an unnamed airline, and stupidly checked my laptop. Unfortunately, the screen broke in transit and they refuse to take responsibility for it, claiming that it could have been broken before the flight. I'm not really in the mood to replace the screen if I have to pay for it, as I have other laptops that I can use. At the same time, I don't want to waste computing power that could be put to good use. I've thought about the common stuff: file server, SETI@Home, but I'd like to do something a little more creative. Does anyone have good ideas for a relatively powerful laptop without a display?"
The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia's growing pains (cio.com)

mikek2 writes: "Like a startup maturing into a real business, Wikipedia's corporate culture seems, at times, conflicted between its role as a harmless nouveau-digital experiment and its broader ambitions. The "power and prestige" to which [author Nicholas Carr] refers results from management practices that were less noticeable when Wikipedia was smaller and its editorial community newer and less formal. [Issues related to] "antielitism" have become more visible since Wikipedia has grown. Look dear; lil' Wiki is growing up!"

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