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Comment Re:Chrysler & Fiat deserve one another (Score 1) 462

The new sockets are sloppy and break if you torque on them, the new wratchets have about 8 clicks in a 360 degree spin, yet still pop out unexpectedly.

They still sell the ratchets with more clicks. You have to order them. They are not especially expensive. You do have to be careful to get them replaced with like when you break one, but then, they seldom break.

Comment Re:I've gone without product (Score 1) 250

Would you be as pleased with your soap if it's ingredients list said: "menthol, menthone, menthyl acetate, menthofuran and cineol. May contain small amounts of limonene, pulegone, cargophyllene and/or pinene"?

Yes, I don't see why not. A bunch of the stuff that's typically in shampoo has been proven to end up in your head, sometimes in your brain. You will note that I'm using actual shampoo on my head, it's just not made of proven crap.

Comment Re:Drugs and programming (Score 1) 168

What being stoned has done to my programming are increase likelihood of trying silly things. Tied that terrain system I spoke of into an equalizer for music, hilariously bad idea.

Hilariously great idea, you mean. I imagine a spinning globe. Mountains, islands, ranges, whole continents are spawned in response to music. They sink back into the ocean as the globe rotates.

Comment Re:Printer Ink (Score 1) 288

While that is true, it's also an oversimplification to say that they wouldn't have had this technology, competency or manufacturing capability if we hadn't outsourced it to them. It may sound like a blatant excuse for not having any moral or ethical responsibility, but if you don't take a business opportunity then very often someone else will. I've been a consultant and while our mixed on/offshore bids were undercutting local bids we again were being undercut by pure Indian companies, who are capable of hiring high skill/high-but-still-lower cost people on their own. In 1950 only 20% of Indians could read and write and only a tiny fraction was anything like educated, no wonder you'd pay way more for US workers. And communication with India was crap to say the least.

You couldn't stop them becoming literate if you wanted to. You couldn't stop them becoming educated. You can't stop the Internet. They're not by nature stupider than us, given the same opportunities they'll also have high skill workers. And you can't stop the natural progression that after working in junior positions you become ready for more senior positions, Indians are hardly the only ones who have used a job at the helldesk to get experience to do something better. I don't think it is possible for the western world to hold onto such a unique skill set that we can sustain so huge wage differences, it always amazed me that you could get a hair cut for 1/10th the price depending on where you are in the world. Of course it reflects local conditions but it's still the same job as such. Trade will drag the price levels closer and with it the wage levels too.

Comment Re:Chrysler & Fiat deserve one another (Score 1) 462

Craftsman is now universally junk. Treasure the old ones you've got cause if you break one, the new one will last like a MTD mower.

Nah, they've still got lots of good stuff. They do have non-Craftsman tools which are pure shit. Maybe you meant power tools, those are crap. But Sears is looking very like it's going away...

Comment Re:Wouldn't be worth it anyways (Score 1) 462

Another example? The seat belt warning alarm activates even if the car is in park, within a second of turning on the car. I've had to get into the habit of buckling up before even turning the key.

Uh, my $45k Volvo does the same thing. How is this possibly a measure of the value of a car?

It's an example of bad UI design. It is somewhat ubiquitous, but not all cars do it.

If you said that Tesla was low class or cheap because of when the seatbelt warning buzzer goes off you'd have been modded troll.

That much is true.

Comment Re:Indirect tax (Score 1) 462

If Tesla can make a full-sized sedan with a 265 mile range (85KWh battery) for $73,570 while averaging a 25% profit margin there's no reason why Fiat shouldn't be able to make a profit selling a much smaller car with a much smaller battery and a much smaller range.

Yes there is, and that reason is range. And range isn't cheap. People won't buy the car without lots of range. All the ones who would already bought a Leaf.

Comment Re:I'll get flak for this (Score 1) 552

Are your assertions based on a careful controlled study or are they an article of faith? I'll take someone who is deeply religious but believes "to each his own" over an atheist who thinks they need to tell everyone else what to (not) believe every day of the week.

So would I, but no religion that is not pushy goes from zero to ca. 2200000000 followers in 2000 years or 1600000000 in 2600 years for that matter. That is of course not to say that every member of that religion is pushy, but it means there's some very strong built-in push to go out and convert non-believers, strong discouragement from abandoning it both religiously and from the society around you usually through required public displays of faith, pushing education and laws based on religious rather than secular reasons and so on. The futility of arguing with "{deity} says so", which has no weight for me yet is absolute truth to others is frustrating. The deep personal relation between you and whatever deity/deities you believe in is none of my concern, not really all those small tribal religions who don't feel like pushing it onto others - which is why they're small tribal religions.

Once the world is free of people who can't stand to have others believe differently from them, it will be a better place.

An atheist is not out to save your soul or help you find God or save you from eternal damnation or any of the other reasons religious people try to recruit me to their religion. Some will belittle you but apart from an annoying smugness they'll mostly be overbearing with you, like a child who still believes in Santa Claus. The militantly aggressive atheists are that way because religion has tried to dictate their lives, so they are trying to snuff it out at its roots, it's a defense to an offense. Here in Norway missionaries has become very rare and most find it extremely odd to be walking around pushing religion on people, even Jehovah's Witnesses have stopped knocking on doors. And with that the whole tension level is way down too, if you want to go to church well good for you. It's one non-pushy corner of what is still a very pushy world though.

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