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Comment Re:A Little Late? (Score 1) 131

As far as I know, the only difference between the PPE and a Xenon core is that the later has a modified VMX (AltiVec) unit.

Well, in the Cell the SPEs are supposed to do the vector processing, so that makes sense. But as I've written here before, it's an extremely puzzling decision on Sony's part. Did they just believe some total bullshit from IBM about how great Cell would be? That would be fairly ironic given the impact of Sony's bullshit about how great PS2 would be on the Dreamcast, to add to the irony of following up a console for which developers complained about difficulty of development due to a wacky architecture (the PS2) with another console with wacky architecture. At least, as I predicted, they did not make that mistake again with the PS4.

Comment Re:Should be called Office Lite (Score 1) 174

From what I've read, the Microsoft offering is only alpha quality, so people might indeed find it worthwhile to try the free apk. In any case, it looks like the LibreOffice version is moving along, so you won't have to wait long.

Personally, I don't care, yet. When I eventually get a tablet, this will probably become important, but I am not going to torture myself by typing documents on my android phone. That's what my laptop and desktop machines are for.

Comment Re:The enemy is everywhere, and it is YOU. (Score 2) 221

Well, suddenly I feel vindicated for buying a rockchip-based USB stick. At least I'll have a path to Linux, as the OSS Mali driver is already good enough to run Q3, and there is already a Linux kernel for RK3188 (although I couldn't get it to build an actual kernel image, it did build objects...)

Comment Re:A Little Late? (Score 1) 131

Simply put POWER is not in the same market as ARM, but in the same market as x86.

Well, POWER covers a lot of ground. PowerPC is derived from POWER, and there have long been embedded PowerPC cores. The problem is that they worked on an old-world licensing model where each new product required a new license, and that license pretty much had to be negotiated with Motorola because that's who was doing low-power PowerPC.

Comment Re:I'm not in the US, and don't want Google (Score 1) 221

...I like Android but not the Google pack on it (it tries to grab my data too often for Google and in the process grabs it for the NSA)

Fair enough. In which case, you can broaden your choice a bit by picking any device you like the look of and flashing it with CyanogenMod.

Or alternatively, you could root any other phone and replace/modify the hosts file to exclude all Google servers, just like you can on any other Linux box.

But personally, I'm not going to lose any sleep over Google's relationship with the NSA (ignoring for the moment the fact that I don't live in the US). Sure, the NSA's spying is obnoxious and unacceptable for heaps of reasons, but there's nothing you can do about it. The NSA doesn't *need* Google to track you. It has access to your pipes. You could (I suppose) run your own VPN and rent a terminating server in some country that doesn't take part in the intelligence network (if you can find and trust one) if you're that paranoid, but even that isn't bombproof.

I think the best way to neutralise the NSA would be for *everybody* to drop keywords into *every single* email, SMS, forum post, and crapflood their system:
Jihad, kill infidel, bomb Satan America, martyr for holy Islam, 72 virgins...

You get the picture. Now excuse me, I seem to have a couple of guys in suits banging on the do


Comment Re: RSA = out of date (Score 1) 282

Also see: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6090

9. Intellectual Property

      Concerns about intellectual property have slowed the adoption of ECC
      because a number of optimizations and specialized algorithms have
      been patented in recent years.

      All of the normative references for ECDH (as defined in Section 4)
      were published during or before 1989, and those for KT-I were
      published during or before May 1994. All of the normative text for
      these algorithms is based solely on their respective references.

Comment Re:A Little Late? (Score 1) 131

Whoa there. If you're going to defend PowerPC, you should acknowledge that the PPC core in the Xbox360 is the same core as in the PS3.

Not only am I not defending PowerPC or POWER (I give a shit if it lives or dies, which hopefully will happen on its own merits, ha ha) but the PPC core in the 360 is not precisely the same as the one in the PS3, though they're based on the same design. The one in the PS3 is stripped down further and then glued to the vector units. The core in the 360 is faster, there's three of them, they are symmetric and they have slightly more features.

Comment Re:calling people gay (Score 1) 413

"who haven't talked to the opposite sex in five or six years.'"
Really? Is calling people it doesn't like gay really the governments new tactic?

Actually, I read it as calling them introverts. Otaku, if you like, if we had a word for that here. Dorks, I guess, though whale dicks are huge and the hypothetical people we're discussing are social lames, not gigantic cocks. Anyway, calling people it doesn't like gay is the government's old tactic. It doesn't work any more because statistically nobody gives a shit so long as you don't poke your genitals into their face without an invitation.

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