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Comment Re:Liquids on planes (Score 1) 560

No. You walk into a grocery store and tell the checkout person what product you couldn't find. If it's a place with good service, she'll quite often ask you if you found everything you were looking for.

The security screener is the same as the checkout person - the public face of the organization.

Comment Re:Oh no... (Score 1) 319

If you are a SharePoint guy then perhaps you can explain why it is so often sold a "general purpose" platform for web development when in fact it is a very poor choice for "general purpose" development? After all, SharePoint was built on top of and using ASP.NET so how can it replace ASP.NET as the general purpose developer platform? Another thing that bugs me about SharePoint is that, like classic VB, it swoops in to solve some "quick hit" problem in a business (i.e. we need better document management) and then proceeds to expand until it collapses under its own weight. This tends to "steal the thunder" of longer term custom development projects using more general purpose tools which, while not finished as quickly, actually scale up and ultimately don't get bogged down in the mud with the SharePoint project that got in over its head. I will admit that SharePoint has its place in the enterprise, but the over-zealous marketing drones at Microsoft and the SharePoint apologists on the blogosphere need to STOP pushing sharepoint as a general purpose development platform and the solution to all business intranet problems. In short they need to quit over-selling SharePoint and using a shoe horn to fit SharePoint into situations where it probably isn't the best choice. They are giving web development a bad name just to garner a few extra sales.

CERN, the Big Bang and Impact On the IT Industry 169

whencanistop writes "ComputerWeekly have put together a nice short guide (with lots of links) of what is going on at CERN. They've got a nice slant though on what this big bang experiment is going to mean for the IT Industry. Interesting slant on the world's largest grid and the database clustering technology that they are using. They have also picked up on the amusing rap video by CERN's scientists that has been wandering around YouTube."

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