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Comment Re:Please stop supporting the CSM (Score 2) 58

So what? Yes it is owned by a church, but how many good media newspapers owned by people whose causes we protest? Fox -- Newscorp. Check out who owns NBC -- that's Comcast. That is: Vanguard group, State Street, Dodge and Cox, Wellington, Microsoft And who owns CBS? Waddel & Reed, Vanguard (again), State Street, Capital World ABC? That's Disney.... That is:Vanguard Group. State Street Corp. FMR, LLC, T Roe Price. Vanguard Group and State Street are the primary ones that own most media. Newscorp is the smallest. Most of the newspapers are owned by one conglomerate or another. CSM is one of the very few independent media publications. So what it is owned by a religious institution? Check out how good their reporting is. How many times they won Pulitzer Price. You ever read any of their articles? Opinions? Their reporting style? Done any research besides on who they are owned by? Actually dude, you are just ignorant. And ignorant people like you should be ignored.

Comment Re:a waste. (Score 5, Informative) 58

CSM has many surprisingly informative and detailed news and opinions on various subject matters from many perspective views. No religious dogma is involved, they are extremely neutral. It is probably one of the very few sources of information I find trustworthy on the Internet.

Comment Re:... if he leaves in 6 months ... (Score 1) 411

As long as you are sitting in a warm hotel in Moscow, it is beautiful. But don't dare to go out on a roads during a frost-wind, if you are not prepared, which Americans normally are not, unless you wear at least four to five layers of clothing and a big hat that tightly covers your ears. Also, make sure the hotel is heated well enough, has emergency 48-hour generators on a stand-by and in-house entertainment (in case it gets like two winters ago, -50 degrees celcius, which you must wait out for a couple of days). Hotel Izmailovo is on expensive side, but it conforms to these requirenments.

Comment How do they get the data? (Score 1) 347

OK what I see is a raw TCP traffic that they are scanning and parsing for hosts, request types (get,post), header info (referrer), and content. So they are talking about any web site. So does it mean they have access to record every single piece of traffic passed through a major backbone? But than they have a server in Russia. And in China. Someone above mentioned that the servers could be inside of the embassies. Not exactly intelligence friendly countries. Does it mean they managed to put a sniffer on their hosts' networks backbone? HOW if they do not have a physical access to the major routers?

Comment Re:There's regulation and then there's protectioni (Score 1) 510

Speak read and write the English language

Ahem... You've never seen a cabbie whose response on "take me to Rockaways" is a dumbfounded look. That's when you open up a dictionary and say, "Mujhe Rockaway Beach aura Amstel le chahiyeh" which is met with a loud praise that you can speak Hindi very well.

Comment legalized monopoly? (Score 1) 510

I once was talking to a cabbie who told me that in order to get into a cab business one has to have a medallion that cost over a million dollars. And only those people own cab companies. Also city prevents any other companies from registering there. Cab companies reminds me of a mob. Their services truly suck (especially in the city of Washington DC), cabs are smelly, they overcharge, airconditioner on hot day never works and on top of that the drivers are rude and hardly speak any English! And on top of that now we are told they are out there to get to the community-shared ridership companies?

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