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Comment Re:What does "porque cae agua jaja" mean? (Score 1) 186

This technology does not do good enough translation because the output is a gibberish. Someone who is a native Spanish speaker would be able to tell exactly what "because water falls "jaja"" means. Direct and indirect meanings, whatever it might mean.
1. The speaker could be talking about a waterfall
2. The speaker could be talking about a play
3. The speaker could be hinting on something sexual.

In this small context we do not know, especially since "jaja" is not in a standard dictionary but most likely is a cultural reference, and pneumatically we can only guess what it means. (btw, could it be jojo and the guy than saying that water falls up and down?)
and yes I agree with the poster above -- you are being a troll here.

Comment Re:problem mistated. (Score 1) 1448

Well than let me turn your argument against you. There are many more male homosexuals then female homosexuals. Therefore more females would be left unable to find themselves permanent (don't want to say "mates") partners. That means we can technically engage in polygamy.
And even if we do have population discrepancy (someone has 7 wives), whom to say we can not have polyandry and have a woman take 7 husbands? Everything would than equal out and frankly your argument would be moot.
Who said anything about bestiality or pedophilia? You must be a one sick puppy to even mention them why we can't allow them.

Comment Re:problem mistated. (Score -1) 1448

wowowowowow stop.
Noone tried to strip the rights of others.
You wanted a gay marriage? Marriage is a religious concept (civil union is a civil concept). Card point was that some are trying to redefine societal norms and it will destroy meanings behind cornerstone societal institutions. But that's card.
But me personally -- frankly -- I don't want you to have ability to marry your own sex until I have an ability to marry many people of the opposite sex... Really, I want to have seven wives. Where are my rights to do that?

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