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Comment Re:Kill Corn Subsidies! (Score 3, Informative) 419


Under the guise of protecting jobs, the sugar lobby bribed congress and congress instituted a sugar import quota system. The result is sugar prices are twice what they are in Mexico or Canada. The result is also that candy manufacturing has now largely moved to Mexico and Canada. Net result: a loss of jobs. Good job.

Comment Re:Christ... (Score 1) 109

Entirely true. Furthermore, MPEG-LA doesn't have exclusive rights to the patents -- you can track down all the individual patents and license them yourself. MPEG-LA is just a way to save time.

However, when you license from the MPEG-LA patent pool, you also agree to grant back any of your H.264 essential patents back to the pool at pool rates. Google signed that license agreement prior to buying Motorola, which puts Motorola's H.264 patents in the pool. (Google tried to claim otherwise.)

Comment my life without flash (Score 1) 393

I ran a flash-block script for a while, then removed flash completely a year or two ago. Ok -- I'm not completely flash-free: if something depends on it (hulu and south park studios primarily), I use Chrome, which has a built-in flash. HTML 5 video is fine in Safari. (Firefox is more hit or miss). Occasionally, I'll hit a site with a flash video player or flash audio player, etc. 99% of the time, I don't care enough to waste 2 seconds running it in chrome, so nothing lost.

Comment why not guile? (Score 2) 387

GNOME is an official GNU project (damned if I know why... GNUStep was there first). Guile is an official GNU Project. So why not Guile?

Riddle me this -- what's the official GNU javascript interpreter? Bueller? Bueller?


Comment Re:That's why you see a lot of crap code (Score 2) 432

So, you abuse a drug -- caffeine -- for work. Is it also ok to smoke up some meth? That's just Alderall without a prescription. What if you snort a fat line of primo uncut colombian flake to fight that "2:30" feeling? Where do you draw the line between "good drug" (like heroin) and "bad drug" (like beer)?

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