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Comment Iran vs US (Score 2) 749

Iran is in the news today for their Presidential election, which reminded me of an interesting parallel.

Iran has a nuclear program. Critics insist they're trying to build nuclear bombs. Iran insists it's for nuclear energy. But take their word on it because they won't let inspectors anywhere near it.

Which brings us to the NSA and surveillance state. What information are the collecting? What are they doing with it? They won't tell you because it's secret. And anyone who leaks information is a liar. But trust them, they won't do anything illegal or unconstitutional. And you know that because they said so.

Comment Re:How stupid is a Mac Pro Cylinder? (Score 1) 607

A: So goatse can shove it up his asshole.

Speaking of things that hurt my eyes, the iOS 7 springboard looks like a pool of vomit after I ate too much funfetti cake. Icons look like they were made with construction paper for an episode of south park. I don't care if Siri now gives blowjobs, I'm not "upgrading" to something that ugly.

Comment Re:Time for an amendment for FOIA (Score 2) 154

They were violating their own regulation by charging a news organization. What good is another law if they'll just ignore it? That's the problem with laws limiting the government -- the government enforces them (ha) and there usually isn't a penalty for violating them. At that point, it's not a law it's a suggestion.

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