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Comment Connect the dots. (Score 1) 451

Today, a former NSA leaker revealed that the NSA spied on judges (including a current SC Justice), politicians, military, etc. Among other names mentioned: Barack Obama in 2003/2004 (while running for US Senate).

Barack Obama was unopposed in his 2004 senate bid (if you don't count "token" oponent Alan Keys). Why? Because Jack Ryan's sealed divorce records were leaked -- including accusations from his (ex-) wife (Star Trek Voyager actress Jeri Ryan) that he took her to swinger clubs, sex clubs, etc and asked her to participate in wife swapping, gang bangs, etc.

Was the NSA involved? Barack Obama, Senator, was opposed to the Patriot Act, gitmo, etc. As recently as Inauguration day 2009, he stated that we didn't need to make a "false choice" between security and liberty.

Something changed his mind. What does the NSA know about Barack Obama?

Comment Re:Good for the economy. (Score 2) 451

bittorrent over tor is frowned upon (although it seems to account for 40% of traffic). There are a limited number of exit nodes and many reject bt ports. Additionally, your encrypted traffic may bounce around the world a few times so you're bogging down the tor network.

I would encourage everybody to run a tor node, though. Either permanently on a server or temporarily on your computer with vidalia.

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