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Comment Re:Outbreak, not "plague"; dont be sensationalist. (Score 1) 668

Because the correct form is probably 'mercuric', 'mercuride', or some other chemo-jargon that I don't know and wasn't motivated to look up.

And it's not like they pour a little elemental mercury into every vial, though that notion seems to be what the fear-mongering thrives on.

Comment Re:And that's why you should listen to experts (Score 3, Insightful) 668

When the people who know what they're talking about are in widespread agreement about some issue, that's generally an indication that what they're saying is the best understanding of the issue available.

But people who are motivated to reject it still will. Cf. evolution, global warming, the shoah (aka holocaust).

Comment Re:Wakefield's Patent (Score 2) 668

A lot of "antivaxxer" dolts trumpet Wakefield in that he's a victim of a hush-up and that he shall be exonerated. A good stick in the eye of these people is that Wakefield himself only sought to discredit MMR so that he could sell his own vaccine

He was also receiving "research funding" from an ambulance chaser who was suing the makers of MMR for other reasons.

Comment Re:Outbreak, not "plague"; dont be sensationalist. (Score 3, Insightful) 668

Mod parent down all you like, but cracking the numbers is actually a pretty good idea.

If the non-vaccinated kids have significantly lower rates of autism, we accept that the MMR jab is responsible in some way, even if we don't understand how yet.
If not, we accept that the whole MMR avoidance thing is utter bullcrap.

Sounds like a fair way to run an unbiased experiment to me.

They quit using the "mercury" preservative that purportedly causes autism over a decade ago, and the rate of autism diagnoses in young children has kept going up.

The doctor that started all of his has been shown to be a fraud, sponsored by an ambulance chaser.

Your experiment would be interesting, but it's not necessary. And the outcome wouldn't convince the True Believers anyway.

Comment Re:Existential threat (Score 2) 440

Climate change is not an existential threat.

Probably not, but there might be a possibility of a runaway system if it gets far enough from it's current equilibrium.

But certainly, it is an existential threat to our way of life. The US DoD and spy agencies have both identified climate change as the greatest threat to the USA in this century.

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