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Comment Re:Existential threat (Score 2) 440

Climate change is not an existential threat.

Probably not, but there might be a possibility of a runaway system if it gets far enough from it's current equilibrium.

But certainly, it is an existential threat to our way of life. The US DoD and spy agencies have both identified climate change as the greatest threat to the USA in this century.

Comment Re:The Doomsday Device has worked so far. (Score 1) 440

Manhattan Project scientists may have foretold the arms race, but could they have foreseen that the advent of nuclear weapons would produce the longest period of peace between industrialized nations in the past several centuries?

Uhm... there haven't been any industrialized nations for "several centuries".

Comment Re:Honesty? (Score -1, Troll) 440

Climate scientists have more in common with priests than the sort of people who try to disprove their own hypothesis with experiments. If you had based your whole career on a particular hypothesis how anxious would you be to disprove it? Climate scientists are anything but unbiased observers. Any climate scientist who maintained the sort of dispassionate skepticism which is the hallmark of a real scientist would never be able to graduate in their chosen major. They would not be able to pass even a single class in climate science if they answered exam questions honestly.

Funny, that's *exactly* what creationists say about biologists. "It's all a big conspiracy", "they're brainwashed by their education".

Now you know what intellectual company you keep.

Comment Re: Maybe both? They warned if a coming ice age (Score 3, Interesting) 440

Not so. Read the Newsweek article, Time, etc. the contemporaneous press shows the coming ice age was quite the thing on the 70s.

The media isn't a good guide to what scientists actually think.

Meanwhile, back in reality, cooling never was the dominant opinion in scientific publications.

Also note that until we figured global warming out, global cooling was a reasonable prediction, since we appear to be in an interglacial that can be expected to go back toward cold at some point.

In fact, the last I read on the topic (several years ago) said we're experiencing forcing toward warmth due to greenhouse gasses and forcing toward coolth due to the interglacial cycle, and it happens that the forcing toward warmth is stronger, so we're warming up rather than cooling down.

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