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Comment Re:"Liberty-Minded"? (Score 1) 701

So we can't be free to go without a seat belt because we aren't allowed to be free from government interference in the medical marketplace?

Really, once you accept that a government hand in health care grants the government authority to dictate our actions, there is virtually nothing which is beyond the scope of the government.

Comment Re:Good luck... (Score 2) 701

And any attempt to go against the wishes of the actual rich (as opposed to the merely wanna be rich) will result in them being shutdown by whichever police force got the bribe quickest. Freedom doesn't just come, you have to fight for it.

If you're a bank executive you can make unethical gambles with other people's money, try to hide your losses, and bring down the world economy putting millions of people out of work. Go to jail? No, you don't even lose your annual bonus that's worth more than most people earn in 50 lifetimes.

But if you paint a sign and get out in the streets to protest, you run a serious risk of being billy-clubbed and pepper-sprayed by the police.

Comment Re:Belief in science? (Score 1) 434

I'm not arguing that the "lots of people believe it" rationale is a good, rational reason for adhering to a belief; only that it is a common part of human (ir)rationality, compared to general rejection of "lone crackpot" propositions.

Though it kind of implies that the first followers of any religion are the followers of a lone crackpot...

But you're right: religion is a very social phenomenon. I've wondered whether autistic types are less likely to buy in to it.

Comment Re:It would be interesting, if tricky... (Score 1) 434

We are already doing this test. Haven't you noticed that the older people get and the closer to death, the more likely they are to turn to God?

Several years ago I was deathly ill and the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. For several weeks no one knew whether I was going to live or die.

God never crossed my mind. I can't begin to imagine how you think I would find it comforting to suddenly pin my hopes on your god, Marduk, the FSM, an IPU, Russell's Teapot, or anything else I don't actually believe in.

Comment Re:flying and turbulence (Score 1) 434

I find that weird. People seem to be often fond of adrenaline sports, and many adrenaline sports are more risky than flying in a turbulence. Why not simply lay back and enjoy it?

When it's really mild, you can close your eyes and imagine that you're on a train. Or think back to when you were a kid and slept on the back seat while Dad drove down that not-quite-perfect highway on the family vacation.

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