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Journal Journal: God and Time 7

An interesting thought occurred to me this morning: What if all the descriptions of time that scientists have come up with, are in fact descriptions of the supernatural?
From theistic Newton's absolute time ticking away whether anybody notices it or not, to relativity, to personal biological time, what if miracles are just the slight differences between absolute time, relative time, and personal time?
My own mental defect, Asperger's Syndrome, certainly has a role in this. I can shift into panic mode really easily, making time slow down for me. I can also shift into a state where I slow down and time speeds up. It costs me- both states can cause migraines, and my muscles and sensory input don't always keep up with my brain- but I can do it. Time is not linear for me, it's more like the multidimensional time of string theory. But it occurs to me that being "personally unstuck in time" could explain a large number of miraculous events that I've heard about.
This would make "God", the God of Absolute Time- the cause of all those events that doesn't have any other cause. The original Time Lord. God is from Gallifrey?

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Journal Journal: Are contracts signed in Ambulances consensual? 7

Can a contract signed in an ambulance or an emergency room authorizing treatment be considered free consent?

This question comes from the recent decision in Belgium to extend the right of euthanasia to children. I of course am arguing that euthanasia is never done with free consent even for adults- the pain of the disease is equivalent to a contract signed under torture, and thus cannot be considered free consent.

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Journal Journal: Silliness: Commenting the wrong way

In middle of redacting a VIEW that deals with groups, members, and precedence, i fixed a bug, and explained a line in greater detail with (what i think is) the correct logic. (The actual COLUMN name has been shortened):

-- Match this record:
                        -- To match INDIVUDAL, check P_ as C_ will be NULL (INDIVUDALs have no children).
                        -- To match GROUP, check C_ for the children; parents can be ignored.
                        -- (Note: Checking the NULL child or irrelevant parent should not be a problem.)
                      AND PHC_1.C_ IN (PHC_2.P_, PHC_2.C_)

Some comments just seem wrong.

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Journal Journal: so i dived into bitcoin.... 1

not really, i dived into dogecoin. but with my hardware i was able to mine 1,000 dogecoins a day which is worth $1.76 as of last refresh. roughly $50 a month with only the electric bill to pay its nice, but i decided the risk is worth investment. i don't quite trust 'asic' devices as the people making a scrypt based asic would almost certainly be making more profit mining new scrypt coins than selling asic for miners. at least until parts start going bad, then it's time to dump them on the market and let the buyers be jipped thinking they had a decent miner.
my current rigs do 170/khash but i just dropped $400 on a gpu that should do 600-800 khash on dogecoin the former is at my 2.2 days a total of 1700 dogecoins, which is as well as a 5ghash asic for bitcoin. mining bitcoin no longer makes sense(unless you have asic and are desperately trying to recoup your investment). oh and i get a nice free game to go with the new gpu. my power supply and motherboard are can do quad gpu, depending on how the initial gpu does i may buy a second and possibly a third. for legal reasons this is all part of my dad's small business. even though my computers are being run to do the work. as i am the only one with decent gpus. you may have heard of max coin so have i, but seeing the mining going on i'd say asic for maxcoin is highly likely. because math is hard and quality information on which exchanges to mine for maximum profit (they can all be converted once they are in your wallet) i am so far sticking with dogecoin.

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Journal Journal: I Will Return 5

Next week my wife is in Antalya for a conference. The day after she gets back I fly to Manila. I start by going backwards - which I usually try to avoid but it was impossible this time. I go to Amsterdam, then to Tapei and finally I will arrive in Manila. The upside, I guess, is that Schipol is a nice airport. Not as nice as Munich International, but nice.
My schedule there is 3 days of meetings, a day off and 3 more days of meetings. The day off we are touring Corregidor and I'm really looking forward to that. I've been to PI quite a few times back in the day when I was a trusty shellback and what not. I flew into Manila when I was just out of boot and on my way to my first command. Didn't really see any of the city though. We arrived late at night and they put us on a bus out to Subic. Should be nice. Nice and hot anyway. I'll be going from highs around 10 (admittedly warm for this time of year) to highs around 30. Between that and the humidity I'm gonna be looking forward to getting home as far as the weather goes. A little practice for when we are in Phoenix this summer.
After I get back from Manila I'm home for a few weeks and then I head back to Moscow. I come back from there to Hungary but instead of going home I'll be working at a conference in VisegrÃd. I'm giving presentations on some new mobile tools that we are rolling out this year. It's a nice place but I'll be glad when that is done and I'm back home in my own bed. My sweet, sweet American king size bed that sits up on a frame and box springs. I do love Europe so much but not the beds as often.
I've heard - just heard - that there is a way as an American to get a 3 year, multiple entry tourist visa for Russia. I'll be looking into that this summer. That's the only pain to going. Wizzair makes Moscow close and cheap. It's getting the visa that makes it a hassle. I get a visa like that I could just about pop over there whenever the mood hit me. When I wrap up the stuff I'm doing at the Moscow office I really want to get up to our office in St. Petersburg.
I finished up the Coursera Android course and I pick up my new Macbook pro when I'm in Manila. Then I'll start working on learning iOS development.
Oh - that brings me around to an interesting and tech related thing. I have enjoyed using Android Studio which is built on JetBrains stuff. And last year-ish (2012 maybe even?) I bought licenses for some of there stuff when they did this crazy sale. I'm looking at doing a lot more dev myself - html/js/css stuff, java, php - all kinds of junk. So I figured I'd see about just renewing the license on IntelliJ. The problem is their options just didn't work for me. $100 to renew a personal license is a little steep. I could reimburse it but then it's a commercial license and that's triple. They have a free license for FOSS projects but honestly while I slap open licenses on the stuff I do, none of it meets their criteria for community involvement. I'm not a student either. So I'll be going with other options. Maybe Eclipse

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Journal Journal: Verbiage: eBay javascript silliness 3

Having a free moment, i decided to search for something on eBay when the following message popped up on my screen:

Please enable JavaScript

Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browser, then try again.

To use our basic experience which does not require JavaScript, click here.

The "basic experience which does not require JavaScript" seems fine to me, so i clicked on the link and the same page and modal error message came up.

Even without the non-working old-experience link, there is something wrong with using a modal window to tell me that i can't appreciate the experience.

If you ask me what version of FF i'm using, you're already a lost cause.

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Journal Journal: Ignore this JE, unless you work for Slashdot 4

You haven't (I think?) open sourced the new Slashcode, so consider this my contribution.

Executive summary

  • This is something to aid functionality testing.
  • There is formatting involved. This line, for example, is part of a unordered list (ul)
  • This document is both a test case (and has been posted twice, once as a journal entry, and once as a comment) and a functionality checklist.
  • There should be four bulleted list items here, a blank line above the first bulleted line, and "Executive summary" written in bold above that. Then another blank line and so on, but you get the picture. Underneath "What we, the users, are looking for" (which is in bold too) is a numbered list (ol). Take a gander at the source if you need to.

What we, the users, are looking for

  1. We should be able to read the discussions, nested, with some way to filter by moderation level
  2. Comments below our moderation level (or blocked for any other reason) should not appear, and neither should subthreads of those comments. We should be notified if such comments exist.
  3. Comments should be correctly formatted
  4. It should be easy to add a comment to a discussion starting a new subthread, or respond to an existing comment
  5. It should be immediately obvious how to format the comments we're writing.
  6. We should be able to easy visit a user's profile or our own profile
  7. We should be able to see what we've (or any user has) written (paged if necessary/desirable), with recent activity being prominent, and know what activity (moderation and number of replies) have centered around each contribution
  8. We should be able to visit a comment in isolation and see and interact with the discussion of that comment.
  9. We should be able to see journal entries written by a particular user, in order latest to earliest (paged if necessary/desirable), seeing the full content of each
  10. We should be able to post a journal entry from a button clearly visible on the front page and on pages relating to journals or ourselves
  11. We should be able to see all journal entries written by our friends (or by some equivalent means whereby we can build a list of users whose journal entries we're interested in) in order latest to earliest.
  12. We should be able to open any journal entry and, if discussion is ongoing, contribute to the discussion in the same way we do front page articles
  13. We should be able to add users to our friends list, or our foes list, or equivalent functionality
  14. We should have some way of using our friends and foes list to change what comments we see in a discussion at each moderation level. Alternatively we should have some other means by which to identify users whose journals we want to read, users whose comments we always want to see, and users whose comments we never want to see.

Nice to haves

In the words of every Slashdot user ever:

What's taking so long with the unicode support, man?

Also most websites let you edit comments, even if only for a window of time immediately after they were posted. And isn't it rediculous we don't have a spell checker? (Answer - not really, Firefox has that, but I thought I'd mention it because it's a common complaint.)

This line should stand on its own and have blank lines above and below it.

This line and the next one should be paired. There should be a blank line above this one but not below it.
This line and the previous one are paired. There should be a blank line below this one but not above it.

Also everything above should be in the same font. Just saying.

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Journal Journal: Annual check in 15

Hey, Slashdot was instrumental in finding Twue Wuv for me, so I couldn't possibly leave it forever. The 14 day comment limit, however, is unfortunate for those of us who stop by only every 6-9 months. :^)

I have read your updates and am interested in your lives and would love to leave a comment expressing as much.

So, hey, Red5, congratulations on the marriage and baby and stuff! And all the other babies that have happened in the past 5 years or so for everybody else! And marriages! And diplomas! And new jobs! And sorry/congrats about the divorces!

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Journal Journal: Beta, the boycott, and discussion quality 3

It does appear, with the "boycott" of Slashdot in full swing, that discussion quality on Slashdot is markably improved, not simply better than when it was when the betoddlers were throwing their rattles out of the high chair, but improved compared to how it is usually. This is, of course, my perception, and it's possible that I'm seeing what I want to see. Still, I'm seeing mostly on-topic material, and strangely I haven't commented as much as I did pre-boycott because I usually find someone else has said either what I wanted to say, or something that addressed my thoughts so entirely I don't need to say it.

Some thoughts:

Obviously beta isn't in place yet, and quite honestly, it needs work - the concept is great, but it needs lots of features implemented that aren't yet. So it's unlikely that people using beta are improving the place. On the other hand, it could be argued that people who liked D2 and stuck around after its implementation were the wrong type of contributor. People who remained despite D2 ensured some level of quality was maintained, but for the most part the decision by many to leave caused Slashdot a severe amount of damage.

What we have, with Slashdot sans betoddlers, is a mix of hangers on, new people who weren't attracted especially by D2, and people who never cared that strongly and still don't.

To that end, while I'm sure Dice is reconsidering whether it's worth going ahead with the redesign given the fit many have thrown, I think it would be worth their while accelerating the process and getting Beta "finished" and feature complete. I think Slashdot will benefit from a refresh, I think Beta is going in the right direction - even if the process of testing it was, maybe, perhaps, just stupid, and I think the people most upset about the changes are, with a few exceptions (because there always are) not the people who actually make Slashdot a good place to be.

One thing I would suggest is Dice open source the new Slashcode (if they haven't already, I haven't seen anything to suggest they have). It'd help us contribute improvements, show good faith, and be entirely in keeping with the history of this website which has always been free software.

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