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Comment Re:No real solutions, just better sticking plaster (Score 1) 7

Well, the two factor authentication I favour most is the simple SMS to a know phone number. Facebook seems to be able to send warning SMS, but it want you to use their App for the two factor authentication. I don't see that as a good idea.

I'm not all that fond of phone based two-factor authentication any way. Especially, because phones break, get lost or get stolen at the least opportune moments.

Comment Additionally, random account creation (Score 1) 7

Another flaw - using the email address as the username and then not verifying the email address prior to actual account creation has lead to me getting a number of accounts on a number of systems I have no interest in. This is probably mostly due the fact that my main email address is very simple and a bunch of people either mistakenly or idiotically keep using it instead of their own... As a matter of fact that's how I ended up with a FB account in the first place.

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 147

I think there are some seriously cheap geeks out there with good T-mobile signal who have decided that unlimited data via cellular is both a better value and maybe even better throughput than whatever's available via a wall jack where they live.

So they tether, maybe even bridging it to their home LANs as their only internet access.

Sounds like a pain in the ass and unreliable as hell, but maybe they've got dedicated hardware which eliminates some of the unreliable part (external antenna, device dedicated to tethering to a dedicated wifi bridge, etc).

Comment What the...I don't... (Score 0) 147

T-mobile also pulled the backwards anti-net neutrality thing by happily announcing 'Free Streaming' from select music providers... which is, in effect, making non-select usage fee-based.

You could look at it that way, I guess. I look at it as I get unlimited data access with the first 3GB per month at LTE speed, but any data from those selected services don't count against it. Kinda wish Amazon or Google music were on those lists, but the original deal I signed with T-Mobile a few months ago was 2.5GB at LTE and no 'free' services. I'd consider the deal now to be a good improvement over what I originally got. Does it prefer some music services over others? Yes. Does it cut my services or increase the amount I pay per month? No. Is my access to Amazon Music or Google Music affected? No.

Unlike Verizon and their sorta-but-not-really-anymore unlimited data service.

Comment Re:still the same galaxy. dont worry. (Score 2) 220

You can turn off all alerts except for these so called Presidential alerts.

This is what I've done. Not because I don't like the idea, in theory. But I was getting "emergency" alerts for an approaching thunderstorm. Guess what? It's summer. Thunderstorms are normal, not an emergency.

The trouble with the system, as deployed, is there's a monopoly on discrimination. And the retards placed in charge of that monopoly have ruined its potential and left me without a competitive choice in intellect. The only two options are "on" and "off", and "on" was removed from consideration.

Let this be a learning opportunity for the next kid who wants to design a safety system.

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