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Comment SO what? (Score 2, Insightful) 203

The article states an observational fact: less mega upload results in less purchases of second tier films. But the implication is that "piracy is good and not a crime". It is a crime whether you think it's good or not. Moreover even if it helped some sellers it may not have helped others (blockbuster owners). So one cannot point to a net increase in sales as being beninficial to all. FOr all we know the per sale profit is also lower of selling cheaper titles. The bottom line however it ultimately it's the copyright holder's decision not yours on whether to sell a movie or not. They are free to act contrary to their own interests. That's the point of giving then the control in the first place.

Comment Re:Good reason for it to be illegal (Score 1) 383

This is also why the afterthought attempt to "fix" electornic voting systems by adding a toilet paper roll printer to them fails. It's entirely possible to take a photo of the paper tape with both your vote and the marking that says it is your final vote. This is unlike a paper ballot where a photo of the ballot does not prove you submitted that ballot into the ballot box.

Comment Re:So.. what you're saying is.. (Score 2) 398

That all voting machines are shit? Because that's the GIST I'm getting.

I'm pretty sure I could build a better voting machine in my garage for under $100, bet these things cost tens of thousands.

It's been done. See Open voting consortium or Open voting solutions. But the problem is vastly harder than you estimate, to get it right. It's not that it has to be complex. It's the many pitfalls most people fail to anticipate, even one of which, destroys the whole concept.

Comment Explanation (Score 5, Informative) 398

First that letter was all about setting up a legal and public relations basis to question the election later.

Second, yes voting machines need calibration. Different types require different kinds.

For example the touchscreens, usually older resistive touch screens get mis calibrated on position. You have to remeber these things get locks in closets and sit in non-temperature controlled ware houses for a couple years at a time between elections, then they are jostled in trucks, cleaned with cleaners, and sometime run off various power sources. Empirically they do go out of calibration.

I personally have a ballot I saved from an AUtomark paper ballot printer in which all the votes are off by one oval width. that is 100% of the votes are incorrect and you can tell because a few are printed past the range of ovals.

Opscans are fairly easy to allign since they have relatively few degrees of freedom but they do get misalligned and become sensitive to printing tolerances.

Old lever machines used to have the gears wear down.

The solution to all this is not to require perfect everything but to have ways to check things. hand marked Paper ballots and some sampled recounts of those paper ballots such as is done in New Mexico is I believe the best compromise between transparency, robustness and simplicity. It's robust against human and machine errors so mere mortals can carry out very transparent elections. It's also robust against voter turnout variations too since it only takes more pencils to let more people vote, and if a machine breaks, you can still gather the ballots, so you dont get long lines at the polls.

Comment Why does this happen? (Score 4, Insightful) 189

I'm assuming that this happens because the server is trusting client stored data. That's approximately the same as not validating ones inputs in a fill-out-form. Why in this millennium would anyone ever trust data stored on a client without validating it first? Isn't this 2012? Or is there some other way this could happen?

Comment Want versus need (Score 1) 403

The surface is the tablet many consumers need. But it is not the one they want.

Because the surface OS can morph between tablet and desktop style and has video out and USB, it does make a very practical desktop replacement when paired with a screen. That keyboard cover is really clever but it really only pays off if there's also a desktop mode for it to be a true laptop replacement deserving a separate KB. The Windows machine is the only machine that has logins for different users making it able to be shared by a family as the desktop replacement. And while the RT won't run current apps, the apps that it will run will resemble your current apps. So it's perfect for people who have an old crappy dell and want to join the modern world of tablet computing. it fully replaces the cheapo dell with the minimum change in OS and works for shared user situations.

But really once you get above $450 you'd have to be stupid not to get the best tablet with the most apps. That's apple's pad.

personally: I'm very excited the nexus 10 is under that figure. Makes the cost benefit trade worthy of considering.

Comment Re:A very MS centric blog indeed... (Score 3, Funny) 357

Apparently you have not seen the new retina screen. Nothing prepares you for it because you can't see it on any monitor you have now. Letters look like they are carved in the glass with a diamond stylus. They just pop with sharpness you never knew you were missing.

The microsoft people are just blathering about anti-aliasing on fonts. You can take a tiff of that and it will look how it looks on your screen.

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