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Comment Re:there is No god (Score 0, Troll) 1852

To answer your question:

I am not a believer, and I doubt you will be able to convince me otherwise. However I have one question for believers in a higher power or higher powers:

When you look to other religions and say "that's ridiculous" at the idea of a wine god or a god with the head of an elephant or spirits and ferries or Zeus or Thor wielding his hammer, have you ever considered one thing.... is your religion any less ridiculous????

I'm a believer, and the fact is of the "holy" books out there, only one has fulfilled prophecy, archeology, and other facts to prove it. Only a Creator outside our time-frame construct could tell the future from the beginning; the Bible has shown this time and again. Other groups, like let's pick the Mormons, claim prophecy from Joseph Smith. One of their favorites is that he predicted the Civil War would start in South Carolina. Thing is, if you investigate, the weekend before he issued that prediction, there was an editorial in the Sunday paper in the town a few miles from his settlement at the time which said exactly that. To those at the time, South Carolina was the state full of firebrands, and it was pretty obvious to everyone that would be the starting point.

And on the other hand, there are a number of failed prophecies by him as well (like Mormons would not have to cook).

Bottom line: only one book contains totally accurate predictions, that's why I believe and why I see others as having flawed and provably false beliefs.

Flame retardant suit on, there are probably some Mormons out there who want to spin Joe's failed prophecies.

Submission + - Best Monitoring Applications for multiple platform

An anonymous reader writes: I was wondering what people consider the best monitoring applications for a multi-platform environment. (Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris). I'm looking for an Application that will page (Numeric and Alpha numeric), text message and email and also show graphical trends. I'm also looking for a monitoring application that allows personal scripts that I have created to be added to the list of items to be monitored. So far I have read about: 1)Hp OpenView 2) Big Brother

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