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Comment Re:If you've got good signal, digital is better, b (Score 1) 192

Maybe there is something about the Australian digital standard which makes this true. But in the US, it simply is not. Right now, there are thousands of low-income working people in the NY metropolitan area who cannot watch TV. The WTC hosted antennas for the major networks. After 9/11, these networks had to go to inferior backups, making thousands either lose signal or have a marginal signal. The digital transition exacerbated this, such that those fringe people who were happy to have something snowy to watch now got nothing. So if you don't have cable (or Vudu) in NYC or northern NJ, you don't watch TV. Ironically, most of the people who have enough to afford cable in these areas STILL aren't seeing any of the digital benefits, because cable companies charge extra for the privilege of viewing shows that are supposed to be broadcast for free in HD.

Comment Re:Healthcare (Score 1) 356

I didn't know that doctors, nurses, administrators, etc. all worked for free in the rest of the world.

I didn't know pharmaceutical companies were all non-profit, and researchers worked for room and board.

Everyone makes money off of health care; the only question is whether the profit goes to the hard working people or if the government bureaucrat gets the biggest slice.

Comment Re:Well, isn't this nice (Score 1) 961

Red herring, but I'll answer your implied argument by saying that the death penalty is supposed to be 1) a deterrent and 2) a way of removing extremely dangerous people from society. If revenge is a part of it, it's not not codified in law and only a side effect of the existence of capital punishment.

Comment Late to the party (Score 1) 961

Scott Adams is just now "breaking up" with the government? Well, there's your problem. You're a little late in getting over your Stockholm Syndrome. We need many more people to leave this abusive relationship, and realize that keeping government power in check doesn't mean you hate poor people, don't want infrastructure, or are a terrorist.

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