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Comment Re:Well, isn't this nice (Score 1) 961

Red herring, but I'll answer your implied argument by saying that the death penalty is supposed to be 1) a deterrent and 2) a way of removing extremely dangerous people from society. If revenge is a part of it, it's not not codified in law and only a side effect of the existence of capital punishment.

Comment Late to the party (Score 1) 961

Scott Adams is just now "breaking up" with the government? Well, there's your problem. You're a little late in getting over your Stockholm Syndrome. We need many more people to leave this abusive relationship, and realize that keeping government power in check doesn't mean you hate poor people, don't want infrastructure, or are a terrorist.

Comment Re:The only fix for vampire draw (Score 1) 424

I'll have consumer electronics that have ROHS certification with the Crazyfornia label on it. It's ROHS, so I know the solder is lead-free. This makes me wonder what other horrible substances could possibly be in there. Are copper or gold now carcinogens in CA? Maybe if I grind down the plastic casing and snort it, I'll get cancer?

Comment Re:Entirely Reasonable (Score 1) 371

Suppose I started marketing an HIV test, or a Hepatitis C test, or a tuberculosis test without demonstrating the test was effective? The FDA would be on me like shit on stink, and rightly so

Please cite me the part of the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act which says they have the authority. They have jurisdiction over the following: food, drugs, medical devices, food additives, and dietary supplements.
Naturally, the kneejerk progressives already modded down my post... so thanks for responding, instead.

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