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Comment Re:So why continue it... (Score 1) 665

No, that's not it. It's not meant to protect the local machine, but the network. If you have local access to hardware, you control the machine. Assuming that the machine is sufficiently secured-- the OS cannot be replaced or bypassed-- a user could still harvest credentials by simply running a user-mode program that emulated a logon screen. CTRL-ALT-DEL cannot be trapped by a user-mode program, thereby avoiding this security issue.

Comment Re:Copper cladded work surfaces and fittings (Score 2) 110

Yes. This is why household plumbing is largely copper. PVC is a little cheaper and easier to work with, but it doesn't have antibacterial properties so it should only be used on water lines where necessary.

Apparently, plumbers are smarter than hospital administrators when it comes to bacteria.

Comment So much for free enterprise (Score 0) 348

Imagine that every day, you came into work and your boss said, "You already do A, why can't you do B?" Repeat every day until the entire alphabet is exhausted, and so are you.

We pay a lot of taxes already to have law enforcement do the job. It's not the job of businesses to actively police their users, any more than it's the job of a farmer to put cameras in every acre in case someone tries to plant some cannabis.

Comment Re:One for one (Score 4, Informative) 254

PHP is actually a pretty nice language.

No it isn't.

It could have been, if the people who created it had known what the hell they were doing. And it has gotten a lot better in recent years (for example register_globals has actually been removed from the language now), but where they started from was so mind-numbingly stupid that I don't see how they could ever make it actually good, without also breaking it in ways that would make everyone stop using it.

Here's a general rant about how stunningly awful PHP is:

And here's a specific and detailed side-by-side comparison between PHP and Perl:

But you're spot-on about the "meta problem": most people who write in PHP have no idea what they're doing, so most PHP code out there is badly written, so if you're learning the language, there's a very good chance that you're learning from someone who didn't know what they were doing.

Comment Re:Hope twitter has an emergency mode of its own (Score 4, Interesting) 75

I remember on 9/11 all the major news sites were effectively DDoS. I hope they and twitter now have a convenient switch to flip that will, in the case of the news sites, jettison all the garbage ad content and the complex page rendering code in favor of something more textual that would result in 100x page view scaling. For twitter I would imagine dedicating 10% of their infrastructure to purely asynchronous emergency broadcasts would do the trick in such a circumstance.

On 9/11, people were actually communicating with loved ones via Slashdot's comment system, because thanks to the heroic efforts of their admin team, Slashdot was one of the few major sites that managed to keep things running for most of the day (it wasn't entirely smooth, but it mostly worked). Serving a static-HTML version of the home page was one of the tricks they used.

A couple weeks later they posted an article describing what went on behind the scenes that day, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find a link to the article - does anyone else remember this?

Comment Re:The Obama Administration... (Score 1) 455

Forcing people to buy health insurance or be fined, then putting the load on everyone else if they can't afford it, is not "liberal".

The most Reagan did to foreshadow Obama was to tie federal funding for highways into the drinking age-- for which he should have known better, because one of his shameful predecessors did the same with the speed limit.

You need to learn what "conservatives" and "liberals" really are before you discuss politics anymore.

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