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Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 200

This whole scenario is crazy anyway. I could understand the mistake of the doors remaining locked from the outside, but shouldn't some of the doors already have a release from the inside that people use when the building's locked after hours? Otherwise, people could be locked in all night just because they worked late.

Comment Re:First step on a long road (Score 1) 153

MTBE is being phased on in favor of... you guessed it... ethanol. We're getting 15% worse mileage because of the inferior energy density of ethanol, not MTBE. MTBE is being phased out because once or twice, some idiot allowed some to get into our drinking water and... birth defects? Cancer? Nope, the water tastes bad. No other ill effect has been proven. Because the water tastes bad when MTBE gets in it (apparently, filters and RO don't work anymore), we've sold out to Big Corn.

Comment Re:Already happening (Score 1) 867

The bulk mail envelope didn't earn them only 25 cents. They earned thousands, perhaps millions over time, from a business that elected to use the USPS bulk mail service for marketing. In return, the USPS promised to use its best effort to deliver the mail. Just like raising taxes, reducing services is not a purely profitable endeavor. If the post office decides it's not worth delivering your bulk mail to the residence, you might decide it's not worth using this method of marketing anymore.

It's just business.

Comment Re:I don't know about the 'cluster' mailboxes. (Score 1) 867

The budget was never balanced, unless you think counting Social Security tax receipts as part of the general fund is OK. It has been done since FDR, and it's sleazy accounting that would get a CFO fired.

I suggest you stop being partisan and learn to have a healthy skepticism of all politicians. Carrying the water for any party encourages them to continue abusing us.

Comment Fixing the will (Score 1) 347

The team proposes that with the right training, it could be possible to help psychopaths activate their 'empathy switch', which could bring them a step closer to rehabilitation.

But why would they want to? It's far more advantageous for them to continue pretending they care about others.

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