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Comment Re:Live Performances (Score 2) 665

This is like farming during the era of the giant RailRoad Monopolies. Farm all you like, be a great farmer and make exceptional produce. Need to get that to market. No problem, we're charging 99.9 cents on the dollar. "But", the farmer says "I can't live on that...", "Not my problem." says the Railroad.

You folks talk about garage bands. That's crap. The music business today is pretty faces and prepackaged homogenized sewage. If you're an amazing artist, world class, first rate, you're still boogered if you don't fit the current recording artist mold. You only truly succeed if you have your own publishing company and you only publish if your already a success. We need a way for great artists to make a decent living, I don't mean getting stupid wealthy (unless I guess they are in that top 0.1%) but a good living, so people can be artists without having to saw off an ear from the frustration and heart break of it.

As for getting a job, most artist have day jobs, because you can't live on being an artist... you've heard the term starving artist? Most of those starving artists died poor and their art today is priceless, because our society appreciates art but raises a middle finger to artists. Artists create and the hoards of middle men buy cheap, sell, resell, re-resell and suddenly this original print is worth a million and the artist can't afford coal to keep from freezing his fingers off. This is one of the reasons we created a National Arts Foundation, to support, sustain and promote the arts. This is the failure of the for profit model. How's the quote go "What profits a man if he should gain the world and lose his soul..." We don't need art. We don't need beauty or love or compassion either. If however we choose to have these things, then we should be accountable for their existence and subsidize the process through time, labor and money to ensure their ongoing presence. Or we should not complain when these precious things go away. In the end, as always, it is our choice.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 173

Or the folks who couldn't wait and went with eBay instead, or NewEgg or whatever. There are a dozen reasons why a one hour delay might have impacted whether a particular purchase happened or not. Still you wouldn't expect that to impact more than several percent, which if you think about it would still be a few hundred thousand dollars.

One thing that might have had an even bigger impact, might be the fact that it would have impacted the ACTUAL cashflow today, even if the total sales is impacted only slightly there will still be a $5,000,000 hole on the day, and a day with a $5,000,000 hole on the last day of the month so the impact could have a significant FISCAL impact on the entire month. Accounting is one of those funny things and not knowing what Amazon's fiscal year or tax cycle looks like, having a $5,000,000 shortfall at the precise wrong moment could produce disproportionate harm. So, yes, the real impact is probably small, but there could be extenuating circumstances would amplify the impact of the event.

Comment Re:Anyone ever read the constitution? (Score 2) 138

And when done traveling abroad you return home how? By ruby slipper?

The NSA has a massive listening post in England. Guess what? They've been listening to U.S Domestic calls for most of 20 years. You can tag all your correspondences with "Don't shoot, I'm one of you!" too. Good luck with that.

Comment Re:Anyone ever read the constitution? (Score 3, Insightful) 138

The problem is the difference between the letter and the spirit of the law. A well educated third grader can interpret the spirit of the oath of office.

But a President today can simply puts a Scalia onto the bench of the Supreme Court, who will gladly interpret the Constitution in a way that sounds more like Mein Kampf. We are drowning in lawyers, making noises like Bill Clinton's "...that depends what "IS" is..". Duplicitous self serving scumbags who will print the Bill of Rights on rolls that are squeezably soft, while kissing babies and glad handing corporate giants holding fat checks. We've been bought and sold by little men.

Doom and Gloom would be letting this lie. Nonsense, would be ignoring the vital need to take back what is our God given liberty in the face of our culture being destroyed one word at a time. It is the government that must stand transparent, naked before the people, and not the other way.

Comment Re:You pretentious jerks! (Score 1) 138

I'm sorry but nobody asks for power they don't at some time in the future intend to use. Even the power to drop nukes has been used to strategic ends for the last 70 years. So, I have no idea as to the consequences associated with governments being able to tell what you had for dinner by the smell of the gas you pass, but from my experience, it can't be good, and my imagination is picturing wildly dystopian possibilities as personal privacy and civil rights are being mulched into the sod.

My deepest and most unhappy concern is that governments around the world are laying down the legal and operational infrastructure required to provide complete transparency into the lives of people so that corporations can can watch us all with complete impunity and autonomy. If I were the gambling kind, I might think that this entire process is a ruse to make herding the sheep easier, and give the IP providers a final means to put and keep their thumb on us.

Comment Re:His goal has been advanced (Score 1) 416

Let me say this another way. Germany and Italy didn't go into the shit can overnight. In the beginning Fascism is a great way to jump start a stagnant economy, and sure enough it yanked Germany and Italy from deep depressions and at least in the beginning the majority of their citizens loved it. Its all the nasty things that happen after the fact that catch up with you sooner of later. So when I say we live in a fascist state.you need to look first at what that means, for instance by looking at the definition, then at the telltale signs.

You do that honestly, hold America up to the light of truth and tell me we aren't living in a fascist state, and darling, I'll have to say either, you're in denial, ignorant of the facts or obfuscating the truth. We touch all the base, Home-run. So, the fact that American culture is diverse, rich, and that our founding fathers hamstrung the crap out of our legislatures means we still have a functional country when other less robust nations sucked a gasket and folded. It also means we have a better than even shot at taking back what is rightfully ours, but you have to get clear headed and deadly honest first. We're in trouble, and the facists have been calling the shots now for most of 30 years and if we don't get our heads screwed on straight and take it back soon, then that little bit of levity you have about yelling out a window could sure enough come back to haunt you.

Comment Re:His goal has been advanced (Score 1) 416

Apparently you don't know what a Fascist State is, Read Mussolini. This isn't to say that Fascist States don''t tend to devolve into Totalitarian States, but that's usually the end game and you can typically see to big red ka-boom! from that point. No we aren't a totalitarian state... yet, and there are still plenty of freedoms we can still practice without joining THE LARGEST JAIL POPULATION in history.

They just keep passing the laws and tightening the noose. Free use? There ain't none. Consumer rights? Hahahahaa, so funny. Bill of Rights? One by one, see ya! There's a clear and visible trend here that ends at things like Rendition and places like GitMo. You have plenty of freedom today, and this isn't a police state, but your rights, they are eroding and a wise soul would be guarding that which is most precious, jealously. You may be complacent with the fact that the theft has been done in extreme slow motion and only those of us who are over 50 and spent most of that time awake saw how we got here. All, I can say is, don't trust'em any further than you can throw'em, they aren't your friend.

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