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Comment Re:what's going on in italy lately? (Score 4, Insightful) 302

Electromagnetic force can be easily and cheaply measured here on earth and is thus measured all the time. I find it hard to believe that we have had the wrong formula all this time and nobody noticed. And if this is the case, and Electromagnetic force decreases linearly and not quadraticaly you should be able to provide experimental proof pretty easily.

Comment Riight keep telling yourself that (Score 1) 263

It is funny how some people keep repeating that "the market resists open source" while open source software is taking over bigger and bigger chunks of the market. Currently open source absolutely dominates web server operating systems, and web server software. It mostly dominates web application databases and is invading in the territory of other databases. It is on the way of dominating embedded operating systems including cell phones. It dominates new programming languages.

So yeah, we do not have desktop domination yet, but open source is doing quite well and it is constantly encroaching on new sectors.

Comment Re:Of course it was a mistake... (Score 1) 688

Every interpreter must eventually convert the incoming code into machine code. That is the case because an interpreter must execute the incoming program somehow and the only way you can execute anything on a CPU is by sending that CPU machine instructions.

An interpreter is merely a program that executes another program. The .Net CLR does this, so it is an interpreter. It is also true that the .Net CLR performs an interim compilation step, but that does not prevent it from being an interpreter.

Comment Re:Of course it was a mistake... (Score 1) 688

It is compilation but it is compilation that is done by an interpreter. An interpreter is a program that runs another program. The JIT type of interpreter runs the other program by compiling it and executing it while the JIT is running. So yes it is an interpreter, just one that performs compilation as an intermediate step.

Comment Re:I am an HFT programmer (Score 1) 791

You do realize that for your dumb conspiracy theory to work you have to show that Warren Buffet has actually caused any increases of estate taxes. He hasn't. Furthermore, the owners of Buffet companies usually run their companies for a long time after Buffet buys them, so it is doubtful they were distressed because they could not pass them on to their children.

Warren Buffet is a hero to many people because he actually did something extremely unselfish, for the benefit of the world and Americans specifically. Naturally this is something you cannot appreciate.

Comment Re:There's nothing to dilute. (Score 1) 191

You are wrong, people care. Maybe most end users do not care but Azure is not marketed to end users. It will be marketed to businesses and they care very much about which technology they stake their entire existence on.

And no you do not have to compile from source or even look at the source to get the benefit of open source. The main benefit of open source from a business point of view is that other people can look at the source. Thus, if the technology you are using is popular you can be sure that there will be multiple companies that will offer support. Thus, you are not dependent on the whims of a single company. You can always use the power of the free market to ensure that you get all support and services at fair prices.

Furthermore, if the people that provide the software or the cloud service decide to go away or raise their prices, if you use open source, then you can be reasonably sure that someone else will pick up the slack and offer the same software and/or service (again as long as it is popular enough).

Comment Re:Your government dollars at work. (Score 1) 220

Something like this is bound to happen occasionally whether the TSA does the screening or someone else. The only difference is that if a private company was doing the screening the screeners would be guaranteed to be minimum wage employees and many of them would have previous arrest records as was the case before the TSA started.

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