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Comment Re:bad title tag (Score 4, Informative) 221

It's just a rip from the article, which is terribly written and fails to provide a lot of context. My initial opinion was this was a stitch up and the hacker was just against the war and people were stretching connections and definitions to make them sound like a security threat. This ComputerWorld article is way better at providing the details that link this worm to previous efforts by a Libyan hacker to create a politically motivated hacker group. To describe these guys as anti-US would be, I think, a simplification of the motivation of these groups. Jihadists (and here I also probably simplify) may be prepared to attack the States, but the motivation is not simply anti-US. I found this article on Eurozine to be really interesting on breaking down their attitudes.

Comment Re:Bosses earn too much (Score 1) 1018

The idea that we must retain a huge rich class of individuals in order to keep ourselves employed is too ridiculous for words. Your argument that rich consumption drives the economy fails utterly to take into account the reality that they'll only ever consume a portion of their wealth. If that wealth was distributed amongst more individuals then there would, in fact, be more consumption than if you concentrate it. If you don't believe me, consider how little savings and investment the vast majority of people have, especially in relation to the rich. It's because we're spending it all! The idea that the employers are getting paid for taking bigger risks and succeeding should have been completely demolished by the fact that the bailout has removed *any sense of risk.* Not only does your business not fail, but you still get your bonuses!

Maybe instead of trite bullshit lines of 'take tougher classes in school' implicitly indicating that you think we are all morons, you should take a look at the real world in action and not whatever bullshit they fed you in Macroeconomics 101: How to Justify the Gross Accumulation of Wealth.

Comment The Canada thread (Score 1) 2044

Post here if you think the entire healthcare 'debate' in the States is completely fucked. Hell, did I read right that there is no public option? What the hell is the point of this entire exercise!

Comment Re:There's more to this story (Score 1) 691

Most places in the world the system is this: you have healthcare.

But you might have to wake up at 4 in the morning and go stand in line for hours in order to actually get care. Depending on where in the world.

lol. Oh man, you have swallowed all the health insurance industry agitprop. How's it taste btw? Sometimes we have long lineups. Mostly its just because a bunch of people have a cold and instead of going to their family physician they scramble to the emerge and when emerge pre-screens them they're obviously not as high priority as the guy who has crazy low blood pressure for no discernible reason.

Oh, I'm sorry, you wanted health care where actual health issues isn't want determines priority, but how fat your wallet is? You're good then. Disregard.

Comment because the one who pays is the one who controls (Score 1) 368

Because you're employed by a business which is more interested in itself than the broader linux community. The patches you create may be of a use to the broader community, but business priorities will generally come first. Now, it is a given that some (perhaps even a significant portion) of these developers are given a long leash, but the reality is the leash is always there. The resignation of Con Kolivas is a good example of why extensive corporate interest is bad: see

Comment While we're busy pimping Haitian charity options (Score 1) 139

"We have a relationship with one organization, Batay Ouvriye, and are putting our resources and time into helping Batay Ouvriye to help rebuild from the catastrophe and maintain the struggle for a better Haiti and a better world. Batay Ouvriye is a combative grassroots worker and peasant?s organization in Haiti with workers organized all over Haiti, especially in the Industrial sweatshops and Free Trade Zones. We have set up a means to send money to Batay Ourviye. If others wish to send money to Batay Ouvriye, please email

The Batay Ouvriye Haiti Solidarity Network is calling on all Progressives to join us in the aftermath of the Earthquake Disaster to help us organize support for the various Workers” Unions, Peasant Associations, Toilers’ Associations in the Batay Ouvriye Movement in Haiti."

More info on the Batay Ouvriye from the Industrial Workers of the World trip:

Comment As Seen @ DemoCamp (Score 1) 495

DemoCamp in Edmonton got a demo of this backbreakingly suit-oriented piece of software. It's a sign of how all DemoCamps slowly become lame as shit that all of the Q & A was spent with the suits asking about how they make money or providing advice on that point rather than commenting or asking about the technology.

Comment Re:Fuck George Bush! (Score 1) 379

I can't believe you're putting the economic 'freedom' of health care providers on par with: The PATRIOT Act, Extended DMCA, Secret Trials, Rendition, the DHS. That you are being modded as 'insightful' is indicative of how brutal the echo chamber in your country has become. Up here in the Great White North all we can do is shudder at the madness and wonder when it will spread.

Comment Obviously (Score 1) 239

It is clear that the petit bourgeois of the developing world are having difficulty. How are they to manage their bank accounts or find the lowest cost maid service? They live lives that lack basic necessities like online shopping and right-wing blogs! It is vital that we act to improve the lives of those whom we have so much in common with!

Comment On top of... (Score 1) 138

This is an interesting stat when combined with a piece in the Journal of Forensic Identification which stated that 1/5 people were sentenced based on inadequate or manufactured evidence. At the time I read that there were 2 million people in the US prison system. Therefore are 400,000 people in prison who shouldn't be, according to this article, another 160,000 who are in prison for longer than they should be (some intersection with the previous group) and thats from a system that is trying to be more 'objective' and not mete out race or class justice. In places without 'objective' scoring I wonder how many over-long sentences there really are.

Comment Re:Explained by a Simple Formula (Score 1) 944

So you can see that as the actual retail cost approaches zero, the positive effects of capitalism approach infinity! Unfortunately when the actual cost is zero, it's undefined and your interpretation may vary.

This is utterly naive and ignores the fact that capitalists profit is defined by (cost_I_can_rip_you_off_for - cost_it_actually_takes_to_produce)

To act as if open source software's cost and freedom are a result of capitalism or the free market is so abysmally ignorant or free software history and capitalist market relations that it makes me think that you are a troll.

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