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Comment You're asking this on slashdot? (Score 1) 266

You asking if you should get a patent on a site that is notoriously anti-patent? I'd say you're looking for a certain answer.

At the risk of being modded down, I'm not going to give you that answer. Get the patent. It is good legal protection. It will help if someone else tries to steal your idea and sues you for infringing on the patent they just got. It will help if you later decide to actually get paid for your idea and need to keep others from stealing it.

The patent basically says you thought of this first. It doesn't not say you can't publish your idea, in fact with a patent you must publish your idea.

So bottom line get the patent and then work on making your idea a success.

Comment The real problem is not google (Score 1) 517

The real problem is that we no longer have a jury of our peers. Back in the day, your peer was someone who knew you well and shared a common status. Now it's 12 random people who have nothing more in common than someone who lives somewhere in the same county as you. No wonder jurors are trying to find out more info, they don't start with the necessary information about the defendant.

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Submission + - Confessions of a Twitter Reject (

stry_cat writes:

Karri Peifer who says "I'm pretty sure I held the record for getting broken up with the most times in one year. It was the year I was 26 and I got dumped, on average, once every five weeks." continues her steak of being dumped. This time by Twitter.

"By 5 p.m. I had over 50 followers (and I followed them all right back). I'd tweeted 21 times. And when I logged off the day, I was smiling and contented by my new Twitter relationship. I couldn't wait for day two.

But a second chance with Twitter, it seemed, was not in the cards for me. At 9:58 p.m., less than seven hours after my first Twitter encounter, I was shut out. Suspended, in Twitterverse language. My account was taken offline, my followers removed, and a harsh warning label alerting me to the suspension was stamped over the account that only I could see."

As is often the case with faceless corportations, "Twitter responded with a canned, auto-reply, telling me it was all my fault; that, yes, I did something wrong. They even provided a list of things I likely did wrong. It was up to me to review the list and choose for myself. Then Twitter closed out my request and told me to be on my way. But I persisted. I didn't think I did anything wrong and, if I did, I was sorry. Could I have another chance? Twitter is thinking about it."

So she turned to her friends. They wanted to know if she cussed or used hostile language. Of course she didn't. The final consensus was " is that I talked too much. Or, rather, I talked back too much. For anyone who knows me, it's as likely as my cussing. Maybe even more so. But still, it was an innocent mistake.

When people tweeted me, I tweeted back. I thought I was supposed to. I thought it would be rude to ignore a tweet, especially when it was written expressly to me. But apparently that's wrong. I'm not supposed to @reply (write back) to people. At least not 20 times in two hours. That's what IM is for or DM (direct message). Or is DM like email? But then I thought Twitter was supposed to be a conversation, unlike Facebook, where you just post status updates. So if 20 @replies are too many, how many is just right? I still don't know and now I might never know. Twitter didn't even give me a chance. It just took one look at me, endured two hours of my nervous chatter, and kicked me to the curb."

So can anyone figure out why Karri was banned? Also she's in the market for a new social networking site, anyone have recommendations for her?

Comment Re:Check out twinhan DVB-S cards for an alternativ (Score 2, Interesting) 345

It's not that the government is unwilling to regulate it. It's that government grants them the monopoly. Your local government prohibits other companies from competing with the "authorized" cable franchisee. Get rid of this and allow companies to compete and at least you'll have an option to switch when one of them does something stupid.

Comment Power corrupts (Score 2, Insightful) 564

Actually what it really means is that a few editors have amassed all the power (much like a few people amass all the power in the government). This problem has been around for a while. I personally stopped contributing after they kept deleting the the article on the stolen sidekick. Its been reduced down to just a few lines in some other article.

There is of course Deletionpedia, but it looks like their bots aren't always on top of the situation. Several of the articles I've tried to find there weren't saved in time.

It's a shame, since Wikipedia could be so much more that the narrow vision of the deletionists.

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Journal Journal: Woohoo!


After years of trying to get one of my submitted stories on the front page I finally did!

I came close once getting on the front page of one of the sections, but this was on the real front page!

I'm so happy.

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Submission + - Registrars still ignoring ICANN rules (

stry_cat writes: Over a year ago ICANN moved to clean up mis-behaving registrars like GoDaddy They released this scary sounding advisory. However over a year later problems remain. One company is now publicly complaining. Some of the biggest registrars are slammed for their actions.

" is one frustrating company. The ICANN policy clearly prohibits blocking a transfer of a domain name that has expired but not yet been deleted. Despite that, a customer trying to transfer a three-day-expired domain name told us last week that they refused to give him the necessary code to allow him to transfer — unless he pays them to renew it first.

"GoDaddy (and their reseller arm, Wild West Domains) have a different problem. They still block transfers for 60 days after a registrant contact update, even after the ICANN update specifically prohibited doing so. They freely admit it, too. "

"We see a similar problem with many transfers from Network Solutions."

When will ICANN clean up these registrars?

Comment Happens Every Time (Score 1) 429

Every time a new version of Windoze comes out, we see a survey saying most places won't install the new version. So either most places are still using Windows 3.11 or they switched to Linux right?

Ok ok I know most places dont' upgrade every year, so it takes 2-5 years before the newest version takes over. So really this survey is nothing new and I wonder if it is even newsworthy.

Comment Re:"Postini"? (Score 1) 176

Take a deep breath dude, was trying to give you info that I thought might help. Now it seems that you've presented a moving target.

I don't know what the GP is thinking, but here's my thoughts...

At first I thought your help was awesome. But then I realized it being able to filter on From: is not the same as being able to sort on From:

For example...

Joe sends me email which gmail sends to spam. Since I know gmail does this frequently with his emails and that Joe sends me email once a day, I can easily use the filter to find his message in spam.

Now comes the problem. Sally sends me an email which gmail sends to spam. She doesn't normally send me email often so I'm not on the lookout for it. I won't even think to use a filter to find her email. Only by sorting on From: and scanning through the list in Spam would I ever find her email.

I don't think the GP is presenting a moving target. He needs to be able to sort by the headers, like you can in every other email program out there.

Comment Broken or Slashdotted? (Score 1) 174

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Your cache administrator is webmaster.
Generated Thu, 02 Jul 2009 14:23:14 GMT by (squid/2.7.STABLE3)

Comment Re:You've already broken your search (Score 1) 1359

Mod parent up. This is the most insightful comment I've seen on /. in quite a while.

The more "services" the government provides, the more you're dependent on it. That alone will limit your freedoms. However as the above post points out. The real problem is by providing these "services" there's just more government around and it does what government does (attempt to control people).

Want government to provide health care? Next thing you know it will outlaw a bunch of "unhealthy" activities b/c treating the effects are too much for the government provided health care.

Want government to provide water, electricity, and other utilities? Next thing you know watering your lawn, turning on a light, or visiting certain internet sites will be illegal b/c it puts too much of a strain on the government provided system.

You're much better off finding a place with none of these services and fight to keep them from ever being implemented.

Personally I live in the US and have for 6 years been thinking about moving out. Unfortunately there isn't any place more free. However we're on the wrong track heading in the wrong direction, while there are a number of places heading in the right direction.

IMHO after a lot of thought the right choice is to stay and fight. Fleeing will not improve the situation in the long run.

Comment Re:English please? (Score 1) 281

PHP is not JavaScript.

In this day of over-specialization, I can see how someone would be a PHPnerd and not know anything about JavaScript.

Heck where I work, I'm pretty atypical in that I know not only PHP and JavaScript, but Perl and a number of other scripting languages. Most people just know one language and don't seem to have the ability to branch out beyond it.

As for what hulu is doing...
I'm guessing (I haven't read anything more than the summary like a good /.er) hulu is encrypting the video and on the same page in plain text is the way to decrypt the video.

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