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Comment Re:New model? (Score 1) 580

The real problem in my mind is that really, it's either the user *or* the supplier that will benefit, but not both.

The transaction won't happen unless both parties benefit. It's not an either or proposition.

This model has the advantage that if you just use Word once in a while you can use it without paying the $$$ that you now have to do. Just need it to open that job application. That's just $1.15.

Supplies will benefit b/c more people will be able to afford their product and they'll sell more.

Personally, to me it is worth it to put up with the disaster known as Open Office just to avoid MS. However most people don't have that hangup and will love the new model.


Simulations May Explain Loss of Beagle 2 Mars Probe 98

chrb writes "Researchers at Queensland University have used computer simulations to calculate that the loss of the US$80 million British Beagle 2 Mars probe was due to a bad choice of spin rate during atmospheric entry, resulting in the craft burning up within seconds. The chosen spin rate was calculated by using a bridging function to estimate the transitional forces between the upper and lower atmosphere, while the new research relies on simulation models. Beagle 2 team leader Professor Colin Pillinger has responded saying that the figures are far from conclusive, while another chief Beagle engineer has said 'We still think we got it right.'"

Comment Re:Not very good blocking software (Score 1) 184

While it is "painfully obvious you're [the parent poster] a highschooler trying to get around some stupid proxy," I think they have a point.

After this censorship thing is implemented lets say you're in Australia just an average bloke (is that what they call a Joe there?). You can't look up proxy lists. Even if you did the proxies listed will probably be blocked by their updating stuff.

So being unable to look up one or use any that are advertised in any public way, you have to set one up. But how are you going to do that? You've got to get on a network outside of the censorship thing. That meas you've got to leave the country and set one up or at least make contact with a foreigner and make arrangements for this. Not only is this unlikely to happen, but it will probably get you on some terrorist watch list or worse.

So you can't get a foreign proxy set up. So now what do you do?

Eh you probably won't have time to even spend on your censored Internet since you'll be working all the time to pay your taxes for this stupid thing.


2008 Is the Coldest Year of the 21st Century 1039

dtjohnson writes "Data from the United Kingdom Meteorological Office suggests that 2008 will be an unusually cold year due to the La Nina effect in the western Pacific ocean. Not to worry, though, as the La Nina effect has faded recently so its effect on next year's temperatures will be reduced. However, another natural cycle, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, is predicted to hold global temperatures steady for the next decade before global warming takes our planet into new warmth. If these predictions are correct, there must be a lot of planetary heat being stored away somewhere ... unless the heat output from the sun is decreasing rather than increasing or the heat being absorbed by the earth is decreasing due to changes in the earth's albedo."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Where to find VC?

PHPNerd writes: "Some friends and I have been working on an online video game for the last few years in our spare time and have now decided to take it up to the next level. We have a game currently released that is our "demo" and we have been hard at work on the next (and "real") version of the game. In our small amount of publicity, we've managed to get something around 20,000 user accounts and a small but active community. The only problem is that it's all done in our spare time and that makes development slow. There's clear market potential for this game and money to be made, but I fear that without serious venture we won't ever get there in a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, when you're in grad school, young and broke, you don't know anyone with money, or how to get in touch with anyone with money. There was an Ask Slashdot recently that asked about how to pitch a game idea, and the most common response was to do it yourself and seek VC, but no one mentioned where or how. Can anyone at Slashdot please point me in the right direction for finding venture capital?"

Submission + - WAMP / LAMP for local developement...which one??? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I am looking for a solid WAMP and/or LAMP development environment for Joomla and/or Drupal. Which of the many different LAMP/WAMP, Drupal/Joomla option would you recommend? I'm a web designer that dabbles with which environment is the more suitable option for developing my own little space on the web(forum, blog, access control for files). I will be using a budget shared hosting environment and plan on building my own 'theme' for it.

How Phishers Think, Act, and Make a Profit 133

whitehartstag writes with a write up of "the excellent session at Black Hat that detailed 'how phishers create sites, share info and code, and basically are lazy.' They store their stolen data 'on websites that they have hacked into, or on [publically available] sites like guestbooks. And even worse, they are not protecting their stolen data ... which means that all one needs to do to find this info is to reverse engineer a real phisher's website, look at their PHP script, and find out where they are storing the data.'"

Submission + - Your Server Is Wasting Your CPU (

snydeq writes: "While using an AMD Barcelona server to create a portable benchmarking kit, InfoWorld's Tom Yager discovered something unexpected: 'I could incur variances in some benchmark tests ranging from 10 to 60 percent through combined manipulation of the server's BIOS settings, BIOS version, compiler flags, and OS release.' Yager put this matter to AMD's performance engineers and was told he was seeing an effect widely known among CPU engineers, but seldom communicated to IT — that the performance envelope of a CPU is cast in silicon, but is sculpted in software. 'Long before you lay hands on a server,' Yager writes, 'BIOS and OS engineers have reshaped its finely tuned logic in code, sometimes with the real intent of making it faster or more efficient in some way that AMD hadn't considered, sometimes to compensate for overall server design flaws, and sometimes to homogenize the server to flatten its performance relative to Intel's.' One of the chief culprits is Microsoft, which, starting with Vista, has been writing the processor drivers exclusively. And there is no way for IT or end-users to know what they are missing."

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