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Comment Re:Good morning Vietraq (Score 1, Flamebait) 513

Which has already proven to be less harmful to the USA than when the DNC rammed Obamacare (is that "racist") through, without even reading it ("must vote for it, to see what is in it"). So far, Oregon spend 300 million to enroll 44 people, good FUCKING use of tax dollars.

And, just to remind you, Hillary, and Company supported the wars. And saying she didn't know GWB was lying, that is just remember, her Husband was President and knew all about Saddam and OBL, so she SHOULD have known. But then again "What difference does it make!!!!!"

Comment Re:Then Fire Him (Score 3, Insightful) 509

I'm sorry, you see a difference between Socialism and socialism slow? Because I don't. The two parties are more closely aligned than either of them admit. To the point where I can't tell the difference sometimes. GWB was worse than BHO, except on the things BHO is worse on, than GWB. In both cases, we haven't stopped the "worse" of either, and haven't held on to the "good" side of either.

The only difference is the rate we progress towards tyranny.

Comment Re:Bingo. (Score 5, Insightful) 509

The People are the Militia, this is already established. This was the Minutemen view, average people to be "ready at a minute's notice". This requires regulation (order, not codes of laws). When read with this understanding, it is almost an imperative of the people to be armed, and ready to revolt against tyranny, at a moment's notice. The state no longer fears the populace, because the populace has become dependent upon the state. We already have the most of the necessary ingredients for tyranny in place. The last bit is taking away the rest of the arms the people have. AND you have the people (a large number) clamoring for "Assault Weapons Ban", "Hand gun ban" at every tragedy.

Thus, the old quote "They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Tyranny, creeps and sneaks upon us and before we know it, we've voted in a tyrant who will not cede power ever. The left feared tyranny under GWB, and the right fears it under BHO, the problem is, both are only partially correct. They miss the point, the ingredients already exist. They hate the other guy's tyrant, but do not rightfully fear their own.

Comment Re:Then Fire Him (Score 0, Troll) 509

Well that is because the Nanny State and professional babysitters promises them a warm bottle, a blankie and a cuddle in return for votes.

No, this is NOT a troll, this is exactly what happens when people figure out they can get stuff for "free" if they vote correctly. Conditioned response. Pavlov's Dogs etc etc etc.

Comment Re:Offensive (Score 1) 1251

No, this has to do with extending "establishment" clause beyond logic. Ten Commandments are part of at least three major religions, so which one are we establishing? If it is about ANY deity, then my rant applies equally. If it is just against the Judeo/Christian/Muslim dieties then these people are intolerant ass wipes.

The funny thing is, many, perhaps most, of my Atheist friends do this thing called "Santa Claus" and "Tooth Fairy" for their kids. They would be better off making Festivus poles and airing their grievances.

Comment Re:Spy vs Spy (Score 1) 118

Actually, this is a clever sort of attack. It is the one where every public email address of the goverment becomes a spam bucket of inane email conversations, such that if you include them in the BCC field for every email you send, it overwhelms these in boxes with more stuff than they can troll through, making it completely useless.

Comment Re:I personally find this very important... (Score 1) 118

The problem is that our current bureaucracy is such that it inherently protects the ruling elected class from accusations of tyranny, while providing the services needed to be a tyranny. This is why the players change from Republican Tyrants to Democrat Tyrants, giving the illusion accountability. There is no accountability. The whole IRS, Benghazi, ObamaCare, Patriot Act etc etc etc going back to Nixon proves this. Nixon was held accountable, because he went beyond the Bureaucracy's protection.

The only fix I can see is that we need to get rid of the career Bureaucrats, which is, of course, impossible. We're screwed.

Comment Re:No magic, requires efforts (Score 1) 118

There is still yet another reason to trust OpenSource code, risk of being exposed. If you're the NSA, and you're inserting illicit code into Open Source, then you're at a very high risk of being exposed as a mole. This risk, being a known mole is too high for a "real" spy. If I were a spy agency, I wouldn't risk any assets for such a short term gain. Once exposed, a mole will have no trustworthiness AND all associations would likely become suspect. Basically, you're risking the whole operation on the assumption nobody is looking for you and therefore you won't be discovered.

Further, if I was the NSA, I would be looking at the raw code, looking for backdoors inserted by other agencies (Russian, Chinese, Israeli, Canadians), and I would assume that these other countries would be doing the exact same thing.

Combined with the above, these two assumptions (risk of exposure, looking for compromises) is sufficient to take the approach that the code is not likely compromised on purpose. This is not to say, that there are no risks, just that they aren't likely to be intentional.

Comment Re:Offensive (Score -1, Troll) 1251

Great, I expect you to work seven days a week, 365 days a year. The whole idea of a "weekend' is due to that "sabbath" rule. Same for holidays, I expect you to work, without overtime/double time. In fact, i suggest you protest against the whole idea of "holy days" since ... that is religious.

And while you're at it, protest the names of the days of the week. Because obviously the naming of the days of the week is causing you to worship Norse Gods, and Month names cause you to worship Grecko/Roman gods. Further, I also expect you to protest many of the products you buy since they are also named after deities (Nike, Mercury ...). And you better stay out of all the cities named after saints ... and lest we also forget Corpus Christi Texas.

No, the protests by Atheists has nothing to do with anything logical, just their fear of the imaginary sky-men ... except when it doesn't.

Comment Re:Parasites (Score 1) 220

All Taxes are regressive. ALWAYS. Liberals always talk about "equity" of taxes, but they never realize that taxes themselves are regressive. The rich can always avoid taxes via their wealth. The poor can never avoid taxes. Targeting the rich at their wealth, does nothing but hurt those that it is designed to help.

If you want to punish the successful, reward failure, you're going to have a really backwards country. And since you are a liberal, I doubt you'll ever understand this simple little truth.

You want successful tax policy, tax things society doesn't want, like cigarettes. Tax the use of things like gas and use that to build public transportation, if that is what you want. But what you'll find is eventually those taxes diminishing as people quit the activities you're taxing.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 370

Wealth becomes decentralized, not the cartels. The cartels held centralized wealth. And I meant viability, mega super star acts are going to be increasingly rare, as good or even great groups compete for loyal fans.

I can see Nickelback for $100 or see two local bands that are equal or better for $50, guess which one I'm gonna pick? ;)

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