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Comment Re:Wait a second... (Score 0) 330

If the only part of the government that is "shut down" is "non-essential" then ... why do we have it. Shouldn't Government be "essential functions only"

IMHO anything more that absolutely minimal governance is evil. Anything less than maintaining civility is criminal. Our current government is neither civil, nor minimal, and thus needs to be replaced. AND massive centralized governance is highly overrated. Move power to the People and see our country thrive once again.

Comment The Fix is easy (Score 1) 452

The fix for High Frequency Trading is 5 minute rolling averages for all buy/sell orders. This would allow the free flow of capital with some level of price uncertainty that would clear out all the volume based on miniscule profits

This would be done by placing all trades into a five minute escrow account and once the five minutes is up, the trade is completed on the average price during those five minutes. Five minutes is huge in computer time, but not so big to humans. This would only affect non-human based trading.

Comment Re:Google Play Store (Score 1) 88

But that is always the case. The specialized "reader" platforms will perform better than just "apps", because they can be tailored to reading. However, given that one could use a normal Android Tablet, and have all three (Android, Kindle, Nook) on one device, rather than a singular specialized platform, IMHO, makes all the difference in the world.

Comment Re:Google Play Store (Score 4, Informative) 88

You can. You just can't do it without sideloading the Play Store App. It does require gaining "root", in order to sideload the play store APP.

This alone should cause the"average" user to balk at Kindle anything. If you look at any other Android Tablet, and find one that uses Play Store, then you can add the Kindle App to it, and it becomes essentially the same thing (all other spec being the same).

Comment Re:This is what IDS/IPS appliances are for... (Score 3, Insightful) 99

A good IDS/IPS isn't signature based, it is activity based. It looks for, and flags suspicious activity. A sudden increase in random hosts connecting to a server via Outbound HTTP(S) traffic is suspicious. HTTP server getting a ton of hits on non-standard (ie used) ports is suspicious.

In short, there is someone asleep at the wheel, and they need to step up and get trained on how to do their job right, or hire someone else. It isn't like any of this is new.

Comment Re:Just a moment! (Score 2) 478

Actually, I believe that CxOs and other key Upper Management and the board of directors for a Corporation should be held criminally liable for corporate crimes. There should be no corporate shield for crimes committed under the auspices of the leadership's directives. This would cause a change in Corporate culture faster than anything. No longer will "saving a buck" (or "making a buck") be acceptable answer for actual crimes being committed.

Comment Re:Just a moment! (Score 1) 478

But it looks good on paper. Which is what Management sees. All Management sees. Most managers know nothing of IT, to them, it is all magic. Wizard kind of magic, not smoke and mirrors type. And in a way, we in IT are magicians and wizards. Which brings me to my point ...

"Any significant level of technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Once you understand this, you'll understand management's role in IT.

Comment Re:Winter (Score 1) 346

Keep riding them long enough and global warming caused by your "recreation" will kill any chance you have to play in snow. Better use a Skidoo and ride the waves. Hurts less when you fall off too!

Comment Re:God of the Gaps (Score 1) 1293

No, I said that Atheism itself is Amoral. You cannot prove to me that it is moral, without inserting YOUR morals into it. And since Morals are relative, you have no basis for morality of any type other than your own personal views. And if you wish to inflict your personal views upon others, you have given tacit permissions for others to inflict their views on you.

I have a basis for my "morality", which you don't agree with. And that is fine. I don't agree with your basis of morality, because it is in fact baseless. My views are not arrogant or self-righteous any more than yours are. Your tone, which is dripping with derision, is proof enough. My views, about atheism being amoral, is not derisive in the least, they are factual. There is no "morality" in a non-belief system.

To put it a different way, my non-belief in flying pink unicorns provides no moral guidelines whatsoever .

As for my morality, it can be summed up these two lines: Love G-D; Love your neighbor. The rest is commentary.

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