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Comment Re:I don't know, has he? (Score 4, Insightful) 365

For the first time in a very long time, Microsoft isn't a "Windows" company. For a brief moment, there was someone who realized that in order to be relevant moving forward, Microsoft will have to stop being a "windows" company. Let see if it stays a "second tier" Office App on Android or if Microsoft makes it world class. That will be the true sign that Microsoft has or has not stopped being a Windows company.

Comment Re:NSA doesn't like the system it created??? (Score 5, Insightful) 529

So, you're for "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" then? I mean, if "ends justify the means" then what prevents us from going down that slippery slope?

IMHO the ends do not justify the means. We should always evaluate HOW we do things, and never cross certain lines, regardless of the benefits of crossing those lines.

However, that being said, the MEANS in this case are just, because there was no other possible way to effect change. YOU can effect change using Just Means, you have to understand and accept the consequences. Snowden didn't harm anyone in particular, and the case can be made that he didn't harm anyone in general, except the powers that were abusing the system. THAT is what makes it just, IMHO.

Do not give the nutjobs permission to do "whatever it takes" to accomplish their goals.

Comment Re:improperly? (Score -1, Troll) 127

I know this is going to get "flamed" into oblivion, but before you "-1 troll" me, please hear what it is that I am actually saying.

All of what you said may be and probably true, and I really don't care. But the guy couldn't stand the heat of the kitchen he was cooking in. Gutless coward if you ask me. Someone who is courageous doesn't kill themselves when presented with a difficult circumstances, they face it with dignity.

Nelson Mandela is a great example of someone who faced hardship with dignity, was a martyr and cause celeb, and never offed himself.

I have little sympathy for Aaron Schwartz. I do, however, feel a great deal of sympathy for the people he left behind having to pick up the pieces of the lives he has shattered. He, however, didn't care enough about them to not kill himself.

Comment Re:Zimmerman? (Score 1) 421

It is necessary because some people of both Liberal and Conservative persuasions create laws that ostensibly designed to protect their side, until which time it becomes clear that it would benefit both sides, at which point they cry foul. Hypocrissy.

In this case, people want to defend a Liberal Feminist because she received death threats, but these very same people are okay with all the hatred and vitriol spewed at Sara Palin, including death threats, not only to her, but her children.



People act like this kind of stuff never happens, and we need a law against it. Until it impacts them.

Comment Re:Non-connected users (Score 5, Informative) 289

BluRay players require "updates" for DRM, and those are typically done via being Internet Connected (optionally USB Stick). The new DRM will most likely require Connectivity at some point as well. Some of my older BluRay discs no longer work in new players, even with updates. Broken ... by design.

Comment Re:Hai Amerikanz, I can haz pazwords... (Score 3, Insightful) 281

One only need to look at the City of Boston to see the full force of the Militarized Police State. One man, wounded and half dead, and the whole town goes Apeshit poo flinging crazy. Martial Law.

Or how about a few months before, when Big Bear Lake was also under Martial Law, for a lone gun man on the run.

If I were a terrorist, I would be planning on small time bomb and gun scare and go into "hide and seek" mode to shut down a town. A few buddies more and we could shut down every major metropolis in the USA. Wouldn't take more than a dozen or two to scare everyone and allow for the USA to go into full lockdown.

It will be the new 9/11. And good luck stopping 20 independent coordinated people from pulling this off. Pick off one, and nothing changes.

Comment Re:No CSIM in USA (Score 1) 240

I wouldn't say carriers are evil (immoral), I would say they are amoral. These two things may appear to be the same, but are not. Often times, they look exactly the same. But this is just my opinion.

And given the choice between amoral carrier A, and amoral carrier B (C, D, E) or MVNOs that bundle those carriers' signals, I can assure you that there is no difference between any of them ... morally. If you really are going to put "morality" (aka evilness or goodness), then by all means, please do and stop using "evil" services (and aren't all "evil"?) , yes, even if you have to not carry a cell phone. Until then, stop bitching about how "evil" one or the others are.

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