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Comment My plan is better than Crigley's (Score 1) 221

I say we just send Superman up there with a big net and let him make a bunch of trips around the planet to clean everything up. Then we don't have to worry about conserving the energy in the pieces or any of that crap, because Superman has energy to spare.

Not only is this faster and safer, but much more entertaining. I think they could actually make a profit on this, when they figure in the comic book sales.

Comment Oracle and VM's (Score 1) 272

Speaking as an Oracle DBA who has done a little of this, I can tell you to get a lot of RAM. I would say that an MB that can be expanded to at least 8 GB is the way to go. You might get by with only 4GB for a while, but you will eventually want more, give the relative costs of RAM.

Oracle is always RAM hungry, and VM's multiply that.

Comment Re:Change we can believe in! (Score 1) 186

Give it time!

Two months into the Bush Administration none of that was true yet either. We've seen that it takes several months for a new administration to be completely corrupted, though it does seem like they keep hoping to do it faster than the previous bunch, and so far Obama's right on track. In a few months, Microsoft will convince them to outlaw the GPL as a "matter of national security".

Comment Newflash (Score 1) 246

Critics say the carriers will simply pass these fees through to consumers."

Wow, a newsflash from Captain Obvious! What else would they do, cut executives bonuses? Of course they'll pass it on, with some bureaucratic name like "Regulatory Recovery Fee". As good citizens we've been programmed not to question such things, and since this is a monopoly service we can't switch to the other company.

Comment Re:If it moves.... (Score 1) 327

The police never made a fault determination, so the uninsured motorist was able to collect. It seems to me that if the motorist can't be bothered to buy their own insurance, they ought not be able to collect money from any insurance co, regardless of fault. Or, in this case, the uninsured state of the other driver should have made them "at fault" by default, since they should not legally have been on the road. Sort of like a person who just never bothered to get a driver's license, if they get into an accident, why should they be able to collect an insurance claim?

Comment Re:If it moves.... (Score 1) 327

"Uninsured driver" coverage is mandatory in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

If only that meant that everyone was insured! But alas, not everyone feels compelled to comply with "laws". I live in PA and my mother was killed in an accident with an uninsured driver. There were no "uninvolved" witnesses, so her insurance paid them for the damages. How was that right? The driver probably got a ticket and a warning that he really should get insured, but in this case they made a huge profit from their decision not to comply with PA laws. The right thing would be for the law to say "if you have no insurance, you can't drive. If you do drive, you can't collect a penny from anyone else's insurance and you will automatically be assumed to be "at fault" if you are in an accident." Threats of fines and even jail time are just idle threats, but if you allow the insurance companies a "loophole", you can bet they'll take it.

Imagine having the balls to sue the other driver's insurance company when you can be bothered to pay your own premiums.

Comment Sounds like a plan (Score 2, Insightful) 713

1. Give 20 million to your political cronies for "R & D" on the new tax.
2. Generate publicity that creates a huge public furor over privacy issues.
3. Wait until even your fiscally conservative opponents are railing that you should just increase the fuel tax.
4. Make a big deal about "listening to the people", then cancel the unworkable plan, raise taxes and make everyone happy.
5. Profit!

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