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Comment Re:moof (Score 1) 5

Nicely put. I had a similar idea, although I don't really think that the bankers are requesting their tribute. They just want to collect on their insurance. The problem being that they are also the bankers for the insurance companies and they are going out of business. That's one of the failings of a separation of banks and insurance companies after the last big crash, insurance companies need banks too.
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Journal Journal: Performa 475 1

Yesterday a friend of mine found 2 Performa 475 while cleaning out his storage space, knowing I like really high electricity bills he gave them to me to play with. I quickly discovered that neither of them have network capability, unless you count serial/modem. So I will probably hook them into my internal POTS for network access.

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Journal Journal: Birthday Boy 3

I was 30 on the 23rd and I got:

- 3 packs of smokes
- an out of tune electric piano with a broken leg
- a packet of chocolate cookies
- a poetry book
- a board game with sheep
- all the beer I could drink
- some money for my new shelf system (very expensive)

I want a violin too... :(



Journal Journal: Grid Calculation Engine

Been playing around with a pre release version of Amie Grid Calculation Engine, made by the guys from Recursa. The current front-end application is an Excel plugin allowing the calculations to be done by the Grid Engine.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Funny Quote 1

Capitalization is the difference between "I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse.." and "i had to help my uncle jack off a horse.."


Journal Journal: Gmail Bug

I've discovered a problem with Google's Chat feature for users who have a high number users in their Google Chat - I have over 2500 entries in my address book. When the page is loaded after a successful login a script checks all the current/gmail users to check who is online, but with too many users the javascript in FireFox gets stuck in an 'endless' loop. The browser freezes within a number of seconds, which is not enough time to press the "standard without chat" selection at the bottom of

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Journal Journal: Strangest thing...

... is that I started blogging in 1999. I was asked to write SimpleNews1, a news input system able to create short bulletins on the front (or "landing page") page, this for the portal of the ISP I was working for.

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Journal Journal: Lost text in Journal message 2

I'll write some more once I have some time again, busy, busy... ;) All my friends I am reading your Journals, just not replying at the moment.

I was wondering, I had a discussion in somebodies Journal about my "I am become Shiva destroyer of worlds" sig, but damned google/Yahoo! doesn't return results for the discussion. It's passed out of my message history, but was in the beginning of 2005.

If you happen to remember/find it please post the link to me.

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Journal Journal: Journal Protection in GreaseMonkey

I've just written a Journal Protection script for GreaseMonkey. I had to after /. ate another of eno2001's JEs. I tested it with this JE, just to check that it works. And it looks like it does.

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