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Comment Re:NTFS (Score 2, Informative) 484

I second this choice.
For some zealots it's hard to admit but the performance is really good, you have commercial backing of the biggest software company on the planet.

Recently a commercial company (Tuxera) was formed to provide commercial support for NTFS-3G and provide paid-for version of the driver for MacOS and Linux in addition to the free NTFS-3G.

So the future and cross platform access is looking really good.

On the other hand, if I were just a little bit more adventurous, I would much rather use Sun ZFS for storage to have even better reliability, flexibility than with equivalent hardware RAID. But this pretty much requires a separate NAS box running OpenSolaris just for that.

For me and many other garage hackers that just doesn't cut it, all I have is one laptop running a really fancy looking BSD and two external drives (NTFS) and some backup scattered over the Internet...

All I'm hoping for is that one day Apple will reintegrate ZFS support, it's already been promised, implemented and now ditched...

Comment Re:LP? (Score 1) 306

  I don't think they're really charging much more for it, maybe an extra $1, although the one's I've looked at seem to contain more songs than the standard album.

The point is you buy the whole album and pay a lot more that you would just buying a song or two.

Comment Re:Not for desktop pc's, but (Score 1) 344

It would also be quite impossible to play FPS or other kinds of games with this type of setup.

I think Quake 3 engine has been open-sourced a while ago.

I wonder if it'd be possible to use that game (and maybe other games, apps) as a benchmark to test the efficiency of various input methods.

If you can win on Nightmare on q3dm17, it's good/quick enough for me at least.

Comment Must code for fun (Score 1) 619

The whole sentence is an oxymoron.
I sparingly code in my spare time, but if someone requires me to do that kind of misses the whole point.
I'd recently given up on an otherwise very interesting job, just because they required me to complete an assignment - about two full days of coding, testing, etc (at the very least) on top of a 5 hours interview, even thought they were aware I'm already in a full-time job and that I might have some better things to do in the little bits of spare time that I have...

Comment Give players more longevity (Score 1) 442

Seriously, if they'd stop to think about, they really should focus on giving players games that have lasting value and are re-playable.
I bough Half-Life ages ago and still haven't sold my copy, because it allows me to play Counter-Strike. Later I bought Half-Life 2 Counter-Strike Source etc, but I keep the original as it's got it's own merits.
This solves some major problems for the publisher: used games market and tight deadlines.
If you keep players occupied for an entire year, you can probably charge a bit more for such game...

Currently EA publishes a new sport title every year. I think they should just admit it and start selling yearly updates, becuase those title are really not that revolutionary - they just contain up-to date player names, stats, maybe some minor graphic tweaks.
No wonder that they have to spend so much on marketing, it would take a hell lot of an ad to convince me to buy fifa 09 if I had fifa 08 already (not that I have any)...

Comment Hulk vs Donald Duck (Score 5, Funny) 423


Those clashes between Marvel characters and DC Comics ones got boring so now it's time for:
Daisy vs Wolverine
Pinocchio vs Spiderman
Cinderella vs Juggernaut

If they film any of those I am soo going to see this..


God of War 3 Gameplay Unveiled 30

Over the weekend, Sony used Spike's Video Game Awards to release new information and a trailer for God of War 3, the final installment of the God of War series that is planned for sometime in 2009. The press release described a new game engine which brings "significant strides in giving players the realistic feel of actually being on the battlegrounds. With texture resolutions being quadrupled since God of War 2, God of War 3 will feature fluid, life-like characters, as well as dynamic lighting effects, a robust weapon system, and world-changing scenarios that will truly bring unmistakable realism to Kratos' fateful quest. Players will have a chance to join battles on a grand scale with many more enemies on-screen and be able to interact with levels like never before." Gamecyte notes that the news contradicts early rumors that the game might be an MMO.

Submission + - Palestinian Rapper Talks about Video ripping US (culturekiosque.com)

culturevulture writes: "BELLY'S ACHE: PALESTINIAN RAPPER'S VIDEO 'HISTORY OF VIOLENCE' TAKES ON IRAQ WAR — To assemble his anti-war song and video "History of Violence", Palestinian-born Belly AKA Rebellyus, has led hip-hop artists from around the world: Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Ghanaians, Haitians, Jamaicans, Somalis, Anglo and French Canadians, and Americans. The article on Culturekiosque.com provides a glimpse of the background of the video, the video itself, and exclusive comments from the artist."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Hack Day winner: Slide Rule widget

CompaniaHill writes: Greg Schechter, 20-year-old Engineering sophomore at the University of Illinois, won the 2007 Yahoo! University Hack Day challenge. With a Slide Rule widget. "I started it just because it was really nerdy," he said. Since being posted five days ago, the Slide Rule widget has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

More on the competition, a video of Schechter's winning presentation and the downloadable widget itself here. Also, a nice writeup in the U of I student paper here.

Submission + - Computerworld Names Rails #1 Tech to Know

spookyfluke writes: Computerworld is pinning Rails as the #1 technology to know in 2007. About Rails they write:

Equal parts design philosophy and development environment, Rails offers developers a few key code-level advantages when constructing database-backed Web applications. One of the central tenets emphasizes using less code for application development by avoiding redundancy and following Rails conventions. This means increased performance and, ideally, decreased development times.

Submission + - Would a Minor degree in CS be worth pursuing?

daddyrief writes: "I am currently a freshman majoring in Computer Science, and I am beginning to rethink my choice of major. I am not very good at math (I've never been, even in high school) and these college-level math classes are really getting to me. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I can make it. If I switched to a toss-up choice between Journalism/Political Science/English majors, would a minor in CS help me in any (real-world) way?

I suppose my real questions are: with a minor in CS, could I ever attain a programming job on a relatively decent step of the corporate ladder? Would just a minor be enough to qualify me in the eyes of potential employers? Personal experiences are definitely welcome..."

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