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Comment Re:Old Timers -- Head to DoD Contracting (Score 1) 582

Hey old timers, if you're a US citizen and clearable, there's plenty of "work" for you in DoD contracting. Want to be on the cutting edge of 1990s technology? Want to legitimately justify never doing anything? Afraid of new technology? Does the prospect of building a web app got you running scared? Enjoy being bogged down in process? Do you like the Kafka-eske labyrinth of OPSEC? Like being stuck on ancient platforms because of the specter (and paperwork) of "configuration management"? Do you enjoy doing activities like filling out justification forms more than you like design and programming? Do you look forward to having all of your ideas stymied? Is professional sclerosis appealing to you? Then look no further! You can have all this and more by going to work for a big DoD contractor on a big multi-year contract. You too can enjoy working in an environment where there are very few technical people under 30 years of age, and where everybody else is pretty much a loser. I can't wait to get out of this f.cking job. I'd rather be broke and working for a startup. At least I'd be doing something constructive.

LOL Either many of my co-workers or myself could have written the parent post! I am the living embodiment of this post.

To the person who says "it works for me", it REALLY REALLY depends upon the combination of manager / project / funding you're getting. I've worked in cool projects under the "labyrinth" of big DOD contractors, but that was ONLY because the project manager knew "how to work the system". If you don't have the luck of working for someone like that, you WILL work under the environment mentioned above, I guarantee it..

Comment Re:The bottom line (Score 1) 582

I don't want single-skilled people like programmers

As I always say, if I could have, in addition to my technical skills, all the managerial skills and marketing skills which many supposedly want me to have, screw you. I would open my own company first rather than work for some other clown or sociopath. The whole point of working as a supposed "team" is that various team members blend their unique skills which the other co-workers don't have into a cohesive unit. Watch a football game sometime to visually illustrate what I mean.

I cannot count the number of times I got into a situation where I explicitly told upper management from day one "hey I can do technical, but I don't want to manage or market", yet 1 year later be thrown exactly into that position. That's happening to me right now...

Comment Re:Fever? (Score 1) 692

That tablet PC fever is already starting to cool down because, let's face it, the tablet PC is actually a pretty dumb idea. How can we improve the friendliness of computers? I know! Let's take away the keyboard! What next? Take away the screen? That would look cool! I mean, seriously, once you have impressed all of your friends with your new trendy gadget, you have to go back to writing emails, articles, software, books, and good luck with that if you don't even have a keyboard.

Translation: I want to pound this nail in, but instead there are these screwdrivers. I think the screwdriver is a pretty dumb idea. Instead of being able to pound something like I want to, this screwdriver just turns around in circles. I want manufacturers to redo the screwdriver so I can pound this nail in.

Comment Re:What (Score 1) 90

In addition to the security, doesn't end-to-end assume both endpoints have a decent connection? Would, for example, I want to have hundreds of thousands of requests hitting my mobile phone linked via a crappy cell tower? What about Web 2.0 servers which have millions of hits; don't they have layers of middleware routing all the traffic? What about the Slashdotting effect, wouldn't I want some middleware to handle traffic?

Comment Re:LOL! American Freedom! (Score 1) 198

I'm reposting a "5 Insightful" on the members of the committee just to illustrate that your precious liberal progressive party is also very in on this fraud. The ones in bold are from the liberal progressive party. For God's sake, look who the f'ing chairperson is?!!?!?! We already have a progressive liberal party running the show and has been since 2008; are you not aware of who has been president for the last few years?!?!? So, no America does NOT need a liberal progressive party, we need a party who wants freedom.

FTA: Dianne Feinstein, California (chair)
Saxby Chambliss, Georgia (vice chair)
John D. Rockefeller IV, West Virginia
Olympia J. Snowe, Maine NOTE: RINO
Ron Wyden, Oregon
Richard Burr, North Carolina
Barbara A. Mikulski, Maryland
James Risch, Idaho
Bill Nelson, Florida
Daniel Coats, Indiana
Kent Conrad, North Dakota
Roy Blunt, Missouri
Mark Udall, Colorado
Marco Rubio, Florida
Mark Warner, Virginia

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