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Comment Doing too many things at once (Score 1) 281

Even if this worked, I don't want shock absorbers trying to keep the tires on the road (with springs), control weight transfer, aid in ride quality AND trying to make power.

It's not as bad as regenerative braking, of course. Brakes are a safety system, I don't want them to worry about anything but stopping.

And, of course, there's the weight, which is a substantial drain on fuel economy (depending on how much weight, of course).

You could probably save more fuel making something lighter and less complicated - at a materials cost, of course, for crashworthiness - nothing's free.

Comment Uncertainty (Score 1) 774

We just don't have the information to answer the question.

About the only thing I can state with any certainty is that the question isn't going to be answered by a bunch of academics sitting on their duffs making up all-variable equations into which they plug wild assumptions.

Either they're going to come here (or have), or we're going to go there. I love good speculation, but this one's tiresome. It's just grinding gears. I mean, Schodinger's Cat is an interesting thought-experiment, but if thousands or millions of people spent decades going over and over the details I'd consider it a sign of mass insanity.

Maybe SETI isn't a question of good or bad science, maybe it's a question of OCD.

Comment Re:A cat has gotten my tongue (Score 5, Insightful) 303

AMD doesn't make any $1200 chips.

Like it or not, that's just not the market they're in. They're doing well at the $200 level, though.

I'm not particularly concerned that there's little competition in the segment I'd never pay for anyway. I mean, it's nice that there are Maybach Mercedes and McLaren F1's, but that doesn't mean I'm worried about competetiveness in the segment.

Whereas I'd be worried if there was only one mid-priced performance sedan, especially if it was sub-expectations in some way.

I don't think AMD is ashamed to have set a record with a $235 chip, in a world previously dominated by $1000+ chips.

Comment Layouts, without the "ay" (Score 1) 312

Just what the computer world needs - another keyboard layout.

Back in the old days, it was bad enough that PCs had one (and then two) layouts, and Apple another, and then the smaller makes... then some non-savant idiot came up with the L-shaped enter key and relocated the backslash, and now we have some insane number of keyboard layouts, like 20-30 last time I looked.

Especially when you move from one computer to another, it's just insane. I'm all for people "doing their own thing," but there are places for standards, and the interface is one of those places.

It's too late now, of course. But I went looking for an illuminated keybaord a while back and couldn't find a single one in the layout I'm used to - about 9 other layouts, of course.

At least with "separate box" PCs I can choose my keyboard. I prefer to leave the C64 as a "fond memory" instead of trying to go back to one.

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