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Submission + - NASA, Boeing flaunt high-tech wing that could alter future aircraft design ( 1

coondoggie writes: NASA and Boeing this week showed off new technology that could go a long way toward reducing the size, weight and drag of future, greener aircraft. NASA and Boeing said they recently completed tests of technology they call Active Flow Control, which places small, computer controlled devices known as actuators on the surface of a wing that then blow air in a sweeping motion along the span of the aircraft's surface.

Submission + - U.S. 5X battery research sets three paths for replacing lithium (

dcblogs writes: One year ago this month, the U.S. Department of Energy announced a $120 million plan to develop a technology capable of radically extending battery life. "We want to change the game, basically," said George Crabtree, a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a physics professor who is leading the effort. The goal is to develop a battery that can deliver five times the performance, measured in energy density, that's also five times cheaper, and do it in five years. They are looking at three research areas. Researchers are considering replacing the lithium with magnesium that has two charges, or aluminum, which has three charges. Another approach investigates replacing the intercalation step with a true chemical reaction. A third approach is the use of liquids to replace crystalline anodes and cathodes, which opens up more space for working ions.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 2) 198

Agreed, that's one reason people ditch Windows. Windows users are use to that sort of bullshit, open source folks won't stand for it.

SourceForge, this shit needs to stop. Advertising is fine, but damn it, leave the trickery to the corporate... oh, oh... Dice owns SourceForge now, doesn't it?

SourceForge is SO screwed...

Comment Unforgiven (Score 1) 233

I'm thinking of the scene in the western where the Sheriff is telling the writer what he got wrong in his story. "And BLAM! It blows his hand off, which was a failing common to that model."

I can see making one just to see it work, but in a vice with a string on its trigger. You'd be a fool to shoot a gun with a plastic barrel while holding it. Even steel breaks sometimes.

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