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Comment Dr. John Snow (Score 4, Informative) 204

Not to take away from Nightingale's achievements, but the most groundbreaking and impactful innovation in graphical representation of disease vectors came from Dr. John Snow, who created a map of SoHo's (London) devastating 1854 cholera outbreak that convincingly made the case that cholera was water born and not the result of miasma. The medical establishment at the time largely dismissed Snow's findings, but the power of the graphical representation convinced the people it needed to in the end and Snow's theories were ultimately vindictated. Unfortunately, Snow didn't live long enough to see his ultimate triumph. Some speculate that his habit of experiementing on himself with ether and chlorophorm may have contributed to his early demise. (Snow was also a pioneering anathesiologist, and even assisted in the birth of Queen Victoria's eight and rather difficult childbirth.) All this is recounted in Steven Johnson's excellent book The Ghost Map (2006). He talks about Nightingale as well, though not about her charts and graphs. Nightingale was, at least through the 1850s a proponent of the eventually discreted miasma theory.

Submission + - Commercial firewalls overpriced for what you get?

Anthony Walters writes: "We recently did some traffic throughput testing on an OpenBSD server firewall using 'nttcp' and I would like to ask slashdot readers firstly if anyone has performed similar tests on commercially available firewalls and what sort of throughput they measured, and secondly if they think that expensive commercial firewalls are overpriced? We found that at worst case on the OpenBSD firewall, with a packetfilter rulebase loaded, we got a throughput of about 850Mb/s. Which means that, when disk I/O and protocol overheads are eliminated as much as possible, an 800MB file would get transferred in under 8 seconds. More details on the test setup and results can be found here"

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