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Climate Scientist Pioneer Talks About the Furture of Geoengineering 140

First time accepted submitter merbs writes At the first major climate engineering conference, Stanford climatologist Ken Caldeira explains how and why we might come to live on a geoengineered planet, how the field is rapidly growing (and why that's dangerous), and what the odds are that humans will try to hijack the Earth's thermostat. From the article: "For years, Dr. Ken Caldeira's interest in planet hacking made him a curious outlier in his field. A highly respected atmospheric scientist, he also describes himself as a 'reluctant advocate' of researching solar geoengineering—that is, large-scale efforts to artificially manage the amount of sunlight entering the atmosphere, in order to cool off the globe."

Submission + - IBM Gearing up Mega Power 8 Servers for October Launch (

darthcamaro writes: Now that IBM has sold off its x86 server business to Lenovo, it's full steam ahead for IBM's Power business. While Intel is ramping up its next generation of server silicon for a September launch, IBM has its next lineup of Power 8 servers set to be announced in October.

There is a larger than 4U, 2 socket system coming out," Doug Balong ,General Manager of Power Systems within IBM's System and Technology Group said.

Can IBM Power 8 actually take on x86? Or has that ship already sailed?

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 511

So when I see a void*, I know that the documentation is really important.

def pickymethod(self, pickyobject):

"""Here there be dragons, beware"""

Although really you should write the module around Aprime, an interface, and then say that both A and B implement interface Aprime.

Problem is, A and the module that handles it is existing code used in multiple projects. IO don't want to do a cut/paste job and I don't want to risk breaking the other projects. B is from another existing module used by other projects. I REALLY just want to derive a Bprime that can serve as an A or a B as needed by the legacy modules.

Python does a decent job with multiple inheritance, but even so, it can get ugly so I might prefer duck typing and a compatible class.

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