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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 246

Have you already forgotten Nugent saying "he'd be dead or in jail" within a year if Obama was re-elected and that he was "as serious as a heart attack"?
Let's see him claim somewhere down the road that he made that up, too.
Nugent sits on the NRA board, fer fuck's sake.

As far as Frum goes, he has a legit claim to paraphrase Reagan's famous phrase that he didn't leave the right-wing, the right-wing left him.
I can't recall who it was that said that since Reagan, the Democrats have moved to the right and the right moved in to a mental hospital.
I don't agree with Frum on many issues but I don't think he's batshit, unlike many of the pro-gun, anti-taxes, Kenyan-socialist-hating airhead mouthpieces.

Comment Almost Exclusive (Score 1) 232

When an HDD fails, you can still get the data off of it. It's expensive, but it can be done.

When an SSD fails, it seems that more often than not your data just disappears. I think this is why the industry is moving towards only using SSDs for caching to platter drives, because honestly I don't believe SSDs will ever be reliable enough for critical storage.

Comment And of course (Score 1) 325

All alike couldn't POSSIBLY have been with the dignity and respect human beings deserve and consistent with the expectations of a free and democratic nation. Oh no, can't have that. Next thing you know, the public might start expecting public servants to serve the public good or some uppity junk like that.

And don't EVEN expect acting as if they have a collective IQ above 50!

Comment Re:News For Nerds (Score 1) 121

Except for explaining why anyone in the U.S. would be receiving a shipping container from NK in the first place. They aren't exactly a most favored nation.

So they'd have to somehow get that container smuggled onto a ship from another nation.

Meanwhile, even their batshit insane leader would have to realize that the best possible outcome for him would be getting dragged out of a bunker in his boxers just long enough for his own people to kill him and that no country in the world would voice an objection.

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