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Comment Re:Uh... Yeah? (Score 1) 242

Try spying on the US communications systems for the Russians, and see what happens when they catch you. Apparently, not OK with Americans.

It's OK If We Do It. America is the Shining City on the Hill, chosen by Providence to spread God's word and God's electronic eavesdropping to all the nations of the earth.

It's NOT OK with everyone else. And yes, they count.

United States

30% of Americans Aren't Ready For the Next Generation of Technology 191

sciencehabit writes: "Thanks to a decade of programs geared toward giving people access to the necessary technology, by 2013 some 85% of Americans were surfing the World Wide Web. But how effectively are they using it? A new survey suggests that the digital divide has been replaced by a gap in digital readiness. It found that nearly 30% of Americans either aren't digitally literate or don't trust the Internet. That subgroup tended to be less educated, poorer, and older than the average American."

Comment Re:Not the same. (Score 0) 1330

Condom breaks and the woman ... Too bad asshole, ... lied about being on pills.

Okay. It seems that you have some other issues than the subject at hand. You might want to take them off-line.

And what stops her from seeing the regular doc then getting the script filled at a clinic?

Doesn't that sort of depend upon the location of the free clinic? And what hours it is available? And whether she has to go through any protesters to get inside?

And whether this ruling can be interpreted to allow a company to refuse coverage for the doctor visit to prescribe the pills?

My insurance company isn't giving me free condoms, and I don't have any get out of jail free cards made available to me if my birth control fails.

I think that your side issues are becoming a problem with your ability to discuss the main issue.

Comment Statistics. (Score 1) 1330

The insurance companies charge different rates for different demographics because the insurance companies have the statistics to back up their pricing.

Insurance is heavily regulated at the federal and state level. If the insurance companies are charging demographic X more than demographic Y they had to provide evidence based upon statistics that showed X is involved in more accidents or more costly accidents than Y.

Comment Not the same. (Score 1) 1330

Getting hormonal birth control from a doctor other than your regular doctor means that those two doctors have to both have access to your medical records or both consult on any issues you might have.

Different pills have different effects (and side effects) on different women.

The only time it makes sense for a woman to get hormonal birth control from a free clinic is when that is her only source of non-emergency medical care.

Comment Re:Jurisdiction (Score 1) 210

Copyright, as in "intellectual property", is a notion that exploded from The Shining City on the Hill, namely Jesus's country, America. We've rammed each and every treaty down the world's throat for almost thirty years. Now that it's established, of course European copyright lords are helping seal us in with our cask of Amontlliado. But it is American in origin.

Comment Re:The Law of Intended Consequences (Score 4, Insightful) 210

Those consequences were quite intended by the broadcast industry which sued Aereo. Only Scalia, amazingly, got it right when he warned they were after this endgame. Blind adherence to the tiny details of the law give us this stinking pile to live with, just as when they ruled that eternal copyright was fine as long as there was *some* time limit mentioned, even if it was a century, even if the limit would be eternally extended, as it just obviously had been.

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