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Comment Toughest matching service ever. (Score 1) 522

Aside the whole paralysis thing, this sounds like a better method for gender reassignment surgery.

You know, and the whole murder / bodytheft thing.

I guess you could try to find a matching service, but given all the factors involved, I doubt you're going to have an easy time finding someone who wants to swap bodies with you who has the same tissue type, same skin color, compatible build, equitable age & health, etc.

Comment Re:Which has multiple benefits (Score 1) 775

So after skimming that presentation, I wondered: would it also be accurate (by the same logic) to say that the Earth doesn't orbit the Sun; it orbits the galactic center (and is perturbed by the Sun)? Serious question; I'm curious as to whether there's a qualitative difference between the two that astrophysicists would identify, or if it's just a matter of scale.

Comment Which has multiple benefits (Score 5, Insightful) 775

The central power station is not making its emissions a few feet from the sidewalk. Its pollution controls aren't restricted by weight or the need for portability.

It's also way more efficient.

Electrifying the vehicle fleet is like modularizing your code. Instead of being tied to petroleum, with an electric fleet you can snap in nuclear, tidal, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, or whatever else turns out to be a good idea.

Comment My own mother. Geez... (Score 1) 924

I have never, ever noticed this, not in a single movie. Talking on the phone would definitely be a problem, but I've never seen this either.

My own freaking mother did this once in a theater and talked for 2-3 minutes. My father and I were appalled. IT was embarrassing, and she didn't really understand that what she did was wrong at first.

Frankly I don't really give a shit if people are texting or surfing on their phone during the movie. I'm looking ahead at the screen. I find it hard to believe that it should really bother someone that much.

Not all of us have tunnel vision, and cell phone screens are bright. Someone texting out of the corner of your eye can be very distracting even if you can't see the screen and only see the glow, especially in stadium-style theaters where multiple rows are easily visible. Plus, even phones on vibrate make distracting noise when text after text comes in.

Comment Re:Faraday cage (Score 1) 924

Well, although I don't believe in the whole "24/7 connectivity is required" mindset (somehow society survived for thousands of years before it became an option), if you insist on being connected at all times, a theatre that implements this wouldn't be an option for you. Your options would be to patronize a different theatre, or choose a different form of entertainment.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 778

Javascript is supposed to be sandboxed in all modern browsers, but that doesn't make it perfect.

And Java was supposed to be in a safe sandbox as well. And anyone here should know about the variety of Java exploits out there and the constant patching to stay ahead of them.

Trusting a sandbox is stupid.
You also need a way to globally deny the option of running the code in the first place.

Comment Re:why? (Score 4, Insightful) 778

What exactly was "stupid" about ActiveX aside from potential malicious code (either directly or via overflows) that was either enabled by default or presented to the user with a "just click yes so the website will work" style input box?

Isn't the part about enabling malicious code by default stupid enough?

Firefox "avoided" this by not implementing ActiveX but most or all of the functionality was recreated in Javascript, giving it basically the exact same level of "stupid" with the benefit of having learned from about 10 years of exploits.

It's more of the "globally disabled EXCEPT for a whitelist maintained by the user".

It's the security methodology that is the difference.
Global enable vs global deny.

And Microsoft had the exact same reasoning behind their global enable. It makes it easier for THIRD PARTIES to present their content in the way that they want to the user.

That's almost acceptable when those THIRD PARTIES are trustworthy.

But those THIRD PARTIES could just as easily be crackers. And why make it easier for crackers to run their code on your computer in the way that they want to?

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